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April 26, 2014

Happy Saturday!!!!!

Funny how my customer quilt pile starts getting low and then all of a sudden I get 8 more in a week:)  Keeps me out of trouble:) Well maybe not!

The weather here has been perfect! Of course we have chances for storms all weekend with hail:( and next week a few mornings will be in the 40's. Great walking weather!

The in laws will most likely be here after the 15th of May depending on what his doctors say. Hubby will fly down and drive them back. I learned a lot the last time they were here so will not stress out as much and setup boundaries:) Prayers will help!

Don't know why I can't turn pictures lately? Anybody have any suggestions? SO please forgive all the sideways pics this week:(

First  is Dot's Comma quilt:)
SO not her colors but it is a gift:)
Just did a simple loops meander all over.
Here is Charlie's quilt with all the pins.
Two nice closeups:)

Gayle made this Quilters saying wallhanging.
I feathered around each saying.
What fun backing…

Happy Easter 2014

Hope everybody has found their Easter goodies:) Would hate to think of a boiled egg being found in a few months:( Yuck!

Another busy week here:)

First up are Peyton's and Benjamin's Easter Tshirts I made for them:)
This is Leigh's Comma quilt for a friend
Just simple loops all over. Better get my Comma fabrics sewed together soon!
The backing.
I actually got this Bird Brain design finished and displayed before Easter:) Was a bit worried about that deadline!
This is Theresa's Oriental King quilt all done in Batiks.
Used Featheration Pantograph with a variegated thread. Love the way it looks on the brown.
Her backing.
Also got this cute ornament finished before Easter:) Of course Jax has walked off with it a few times so now it is way up high. He is a stinker!
This is Theresa's Two By Two quilt. Will not turn for me so just turn your head a bit please:)
She let me play so I used 5 different thread colors and lots of free outlining:)
Really turned out cute! Well we h…

April 13, 2014

What an absolutely beautiful week! The windows have been open and the kitties are in heaven:) However that will all change tomorrow:( Have a chance for a light freeze Tuesday morning:( Just wish it would make up its mind!
Was on the road 2 days this week with Thursday being blood work, meeting up with friend for breakfast and then running errands and then on Friday it was Bee day:) But I did get some quilting done:)

I have Lori Beth's wedding quilt done but will ship out tomorrow and then post pictures next week:) You have to wait until you get it to see it:) ha ha!!!

This is Jill's Bricks quilt made with Batiks for her friend.
We used Curlz and Feathers Panto on it with a dark green thread. Love the way it turned out!
Here is her backing:) My friend Pat is making a retirement quilt for her SIL Charlie. I have been helping:) I embroidered all the duty stations.
he pictures are of Charlie right out of Boot Camp and then when he retired. The choppers are what he flew in the Army…

April 6, 2014

Yea April showers have arrived:) We SO need the rain!!!! Unfortunately the temps have dropped with the front bringing the rain:( Oh well... the humidity was horrible last week!

Hubby is in Fort Worth today for the Nascar race... hope they get it in because they are getting more rain then us.

I didn't do a bunch of quilting this week but the one I did get done was a biggie with lots of quilting:)

This is Dot's big'un:) Hers tend to grow bigger than first planned. It came to almost a king size and she needed a queen size... surprise:) ha ha! You are silly Dot!
I did a lot of playing:) Each snowball block took 6  minutes to quilt and there were 50... yes 50 of them!
I was going for small loops in the star spaces but kept going to pebbles so there is a combination:) Really liked the way it turned out!
The backing.
An embroidery order for a bachelor party. Guess he will still be in charge of the grill:) If he only knew the rules:)
My Toes in the Sand BOM is complete:) Turned …