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Went from Hot to VERY wet!!!

Hi all:)

Hope everyone is nice and dry!!! I So feel for the people in South Texas especially Rockport and Houston area!!! We have only gotten some of the outer bands from Harvey... lucky!!! They had been predicting anywhere from 2-8 inches for us and we are at 1.5 so far:) Of course he is sitting there and sending more and more rain our way:( I think we can handle what he sends us but I know there are cities that can not!! Please keep them all in your prayers!

I was home most for the week so there was quilting going on!!!

First up is Jill's fractured quilt:)
She just wanted straight lines outlining all the pieces. Used a dark burgundy thread throughout and it looked brown on the brown and purple on the purple:)
Turned out awesome:)
Brenda made this Blue Squares quilt.
Lots of loops and swirlies:)
Great backing fabric!
Another one from Brenda. It has stars:) Surprise!! I didn't see them until I opened the quilt to load it.
She let me custom quilt it so it really turned out mode…

Still hot:(

Hi All:)

Busy week here with the AC going almost all day long:( Temps close to 100 but then you factor in humidity and it's more like 104:( UGH!!!! I am ready for Fall!!!! They have pumpkin stuff on the shelves so it should get cooler soon... right???
First up is Sue's quilt. Not sure of the name but love the stained glass fabrics!
Kept the quilting simple but used a ruler a lot. Feathers in the border even if you can't see them that well.
Backing is the place to see the quilting:)
This is Dianna's first ever quilt:) WOW!
She is a Junior in college and just made her HS tshirt quilt.
She did an awesome job and all I did was meander all over with a pale yellow thread:)
Margaret made this sweet baby quilt.
Purple has really been trying to grow on me and I am trying to embrace it more and more:)
Lots of swirls and some feathers too:)
Hobby Lobby had their shadow boxes on sale so I could get my beautiful ribbons all set up:) I even made some room on my love me wall:)
My woo…

Hot, hot, hot!

It has as you can see a hot week! I guess it is August though:) I am ready for the kids to go to school and I bet they are too!!!
Was a great trip to Dallas area this past week! We went shopping at some of my favorite shops and also attended the Plano Quilt Show. Some beautiful quilts for sure!
Before I left I did get some quilting done:)

Cam made this cross quilt for her in laws. It has their last name and wedding date on it.
She just wanted loops all over and it turned out so beautiful! 
And a solid back to show off my loops:)

This one will hang in her sewing room. I looped except where the pictures were.... the 4 corners and center... those I outlined.
This is the sewing block:)
Once again you get to see all my quilting:)

This is my shopping haul:) Yes there was a cat theme going on:) You know I really need to make a quilt with all my cat fabrics one day:)
Am home most of this week:) yea!!!! Will crank up the AC in the studio and quilt all day:)
Hope ya'll have a great week an…

August is here.....

Wow hard to believe August has arrived and with rain and cooler temps??? Surprise!!! We are due more rain and the high on Tuesday is only 84???? We are normally in the 100+ so it is definitely welcomed!!!

Quiet week this week with me being home all week:) Well I did have to get yes I quilted:)

Lori Beth made this cute Doxie quilt for her MIL for Christmas.
I just free motioned a wavy line all over it... really modern effect.
She put this sweet Flamingo on the back
My chemo quilt is all done:)
Here is the back... just used leftovers:)
My newest project is coming along.... I am using my FIL's shirts for this one. It is a Bonnie Hunter pattern. I  have all the neutral cut into strips and am working on the darks now. 
Judy made this sweet ABC quilt for her grand son that sis due in Nov.
Really played with it:) Hard to see all the quilting on the pic.
Sweet flannel backing fabric.
Martha won the BOM from guild last year and made this quilt with those blocks.
The ornament…