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Sunday, March 29, 2015

March 29, 2015

Happy Palm Sunday:) Easter is hopping right at us:) I did get a few projects finished in time:)

Beautiful days here!!! Love the sunshine and mild temperatures. Of course the kitties love the live TV shows... the windows are open:) ha ha!!!

Hubby and I ran off all day yesterday:) We went to Llano quilt show. A nice small show of about 100 quilts. Then to Inman's for BBQ lunch:) Then to local quilt shop. Then back roads to Fredricksburg to quilt shop. Of course we are that close to Kerrville so had to go to Creations:) Back through Fredricksburg to Marble Falls to Bluebonnet Cafe for dinner and took pie home:)

There were quite a few bluebonnets near Llano and Marble Falls:) I think there will be more in a  few weeks.

Ok on with pictures:)
Beautiful Bluebonnets!!!

Embroidery Garden bunnies:)

This is a wool Semi Sweet bunny I made:)

Carola made this sweet log cabin quilt.

She used a Moda Honey Bun. I have one of those:) Guess this is the pattern I wanted use?

The back.

Carola's brother in Germany is raising funds for his football team so she made this as a raffle quilt for him. She will be taking it with her in August.
Their logo.

Cute backing!

Yes Carola again:) A jelly roll quilt with homespun stars.

She said she made the pattern up:) I had asked if she wanted it quilted modern or traditional. She said whatever I thought so I mixed them:)


A nice close up!

I have a few more hexie blocks made:)

My new business cards. So fresh and modern looking!

My haul from the road trip yesterday:)
Hope you all have an awesome week!!!!
Hoping to get the Dear Jane flimsy finished today or at least this week:)
 I am also really planning on walking again every morning so I am hoping tomorrow is the starting point!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

March 22, 2015

Hello everybody:)

Busy week and lots of rain:) Am SO read for the sunshine!!!!!

Hubby and I went to see Colton Dixon... he was on American Idol... and Matthew west at the Expo Center just about 30 min away:) Terrific concert!!!! Love when we go do things together!!!

MIL stayed home by herself... has been doing that for about 2 weeks now since SIL left. She got really lonely on Thursday and hubby came home and got her convinced to go into a nursing facility. Of course he hasn't had the time to go get her signed up yet:( Maybe Tuesday. If there are no rooms available they do have like a hotel option... she can stay as long as she wants and then check back out. Told hubby to get her in that and she can wait until a room opens up for her. She is very social and being by herself and not being told what to do every minute of every day by FIL is finally getting to her. I on the other hand would love the new found freedom... oh wait  I already have that:) haha!!!

Got lots to show you:)
Love these Snowmen! This was a Thangles BOM at our local quilt Shop that has since closed:(

Dolly put it all together and machine embroidered the snowmen.

this one is my favorite !!!! Can you guess why??? Ummmmm

Backing.... Dolly always lets me play:)

My Jaybird's Science Fair quilt all done:)

I used Botanical fabric line. I had SO much fun quilting this one!!!!

Backing and look at that binding!

Had one embroidery order this week....

My 2 BOM's done for the month:)

 I have had this in a Ziploc bag for probably a year. Well it is the next project to get done. It is called Fractured Pervalong.
Only 2 more paper pieced borders to go:)
My Dear Jane blocks are finally get put together in a rather extraordinary setting:) Saw a Modern quilt set like this and so the light bulb went off:) Took forever... ok only 2 weeks to figure out the other fabric needed. It is pinned and draped on the right. Now to find more of it.... I only had that one piece:(

Hexies!!!!! These are all leftover fabrics from a BOM a few years ago:) They are PB&J line from Basic Grey. I think I have enough to make a lap size... I can always add another solid color around all the diamonds. This is the first diamond and I have lots more fabric to make into Hexies:)

Finished the binding on this one for Karen last night so I could get a picture for you.

It is a wedding signature quilt. The one on the right is a pretty close picture of where the wedding was held.

Love the feathers! Karen machine embroidered the hearts.

Backing:) I added a sleeve and she will give to bride next month:)
Well better get back to working on the fractured project!
Have a great week!!!!
Hope we get lots of sunshine this week!!!!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

March 15, 2015

Half way done with March already... where does the time go???

I should be in TN right now visiting a friend but family medical issues changed all those plans. Maybe another time?

Hubby and I did run away to Ft Worth last weekend for a huge Christian concert. Winter Jam 2015. There were 10 bands and Kari Jobe popped in for a song:) So really 11 performers:) We spent the night in a hotel right across the street from the convention center so no parking or traffic issues afterwards:) Great planning on my part!!!

Well got a little quilting done this week....

First up is Maleah's quilt. Not sure of the name of the pattern but really like it!

Tried to make it look like the fabric was really going over and under with the quilting.

Cool backing!

Cindy gave me a scrappy quilt to quilt and asked for loops all over:)

Loved looking at the fabrics and saying... I have some of that:) haha!!!


Dolly gave me one of her daughters quilts to quilt. It is the jelly roll race but she made her own strips.

I quilted loops and stars all over in red, white, and blue variegated thread.


Spent all day yesterday quilting this Science Fair quilt for me:) yea!!!!! I will get better pics after the binding is all sewn on:)
Well enjoy the week!!!! And sew, sew, sew!!!!

Saturday, March 7, 2015

March 7, 2015

Well we had more ice and some sunshine this week... what a wacky weather year! We did have snow on Easter one year and I SO hope we don't this year!!!

Busy week but I did take a few days off to sew for me:) Just had no quilting mojo:)

This is what I did get done:
Gayle's wedding gift quilt:)

Love the reds, greys, and blacks all together.
Used Featheration pantograph with a grey thread.


This is Jill's Ghastlies quilt.

I love the pattern and this is the first Ghastlies I have quilted:)
 I told her to keep the border the way it is all angled:)

Close up.... loopies and circls.

Scaredy cat backing!

This is one of Maleah's. She made this all flannel for her grandson.

Love the feel of flannel!!!

Just looped all over and then did a little extra in border:)

These blocks were donated to Project Linus, put together by Cindy and bought by Shelley.

I was ordered.... um asked/begged  to finish the hand stitching.

I am SO not a fan of featherstitching but after hours and hours of it I am more comfortable with it... still not a favorite!

I did add blanket and backstitching in the star block. Now it goes back to Shelley to add 2 more borders and then back to me to quilt:) So you will be seeing it again:)

Made this for my friend Joan for Easter. It is a Jenny Elephantz pattern. Love her designs!!!

Another Jenny design:) This one is for me:)
Well Hubby and I are running away tomorrow to Ft Worth for a Christian concert and staying overnight:) SO excited!!!!
Was suppose to go to TN next weekend but something came up at her end so will stay home.
Have a great week!!!!