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August 24, 2014

Wow what a great week off:) Well off from care giving but not from quilting and sewing:) yea!!!

I am going to get right to the pictures.... someone... Delyte... was complaining there weren't enough pictures last week so please complain to her if this post is overloaded:) ha ha!!!

First up is Elaine's Sunbonnet Sue quilt.
    She hand stitched all the blocks while going to her hubby's Dr appts.
Love the Nursery Rhyme Toile backing fabric!
Carolla's Fall panel.
I played:) lots of ruler work.
                        Love the way the sunshine plays on the quilt:)
Carolla's Winter quilt.... no I did not feel any cooler working on this:) ha ha!!!
There was paper piecing, applique and piecing in this quilt. I free motioned and did some ruler work.
LOVE this one!!!! A very modern Christmas wall hanging. Oh and it is Carolla's:)
Love the swirls!
Plain muslin backing.
A Patriotic quilt from yup... Carolla:)
Love when I can play:) I also did some ruler …

August 16, 2014

Oh my it is still August:( This week is SO dragging!!!!
 I am on inlaw duty this week and all we do is get up, get dressed, visit/MIL eat lunch w /FIL, go home/shop/Dr Appt, then back to rehab center for MIL to eat dinner with FIL and then hubby picks her up and stays the night at her house. Unless there is Bingo and then hubby takes MIL there:) She does need some excitement:) haha!!!
My nephew came from Austin on Thursday and spent time w/FIL and then went to Bingo. They had a great time but didn't win any $ :( 
SIL comes on Monday then I can quilt and do my appts:) yea!!!!

So unfortunately I only have one picture to share and it is an awesome picture for sure!!!!

This is Kathi and she is a dear friend, a guild member and in our Bee. She is also a VERY creative lady that is helping me go beyond my safe zone:) Thank you!! Well ok back to Kathi. This is her Hoffman Challenge entry:) It is hanging at the Rocky Mountain Quilt Festival. I got to see it at the beginning stages and lo…

Aug 9, 2014

Ok summer is finally here:( ugh!!!! 99+ temps and no chance for rain for awhile:( Have had to water the yard and flowers and hubby finally is washing his truck:)

Went to Austin today to Sew Much More to pu my Bernina and drop off my other Bernina:) Spa treatments:) Was a nice drive and a quick shopping trip:) Stopped at the Honey Bee on the way:) They had the new Grunge Layer Cakes... well of course had to get one:) Not sure what I am going to do with it but since I don't have to feed it, it can just be lovingly looked at until I figure it out:) haha!!!

Since it was my week off I got quilting done:) yea!!!!

First up is Ophelia's Lutheran church quilt. There is a group of friends with the youngest being 84 that get together every year to make a raffle quilt for the church. They are all friends and not all members of the church:)
I have been honored to quilt a few of them:)  This year is a lovely Texas quilt.
They let me "play".
So I get to have fun for a good cause:)

August 3, 2014

Yes you read that right... it is August? Don't remember July!

The weather has been so unusual this year!! We usually have had at least 20-30 days of 100+ temps. This year we have had 0... yes 0! Everything is SO green and beautiful! We even had a cold front this week that dropped us down to 80's as the high and 69 as a low??? Just Wow!!!!

Well it was a pretty bad week here:( FIL fell on Tues and didn't want to go to hospital so we waited... won't do that again! He had a urology appt on Wed and then got xrays of his back done. He was in SO much pain I called 911 Wed night and got him checked into Metroplex. They then transferred him to Scott and White Thurs morning to the Neurology floor.. We went up Thurs and saw no Dr's:( So hubby was at hosp at 7am Friday morning. He met all the Dr's:) That's when they told us of his stress fracture on the T12. No surgery and no brace because he is pretty frail. So they are controlling the pain and he can be moved to a re…