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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Still enjoying the new bathroom:)

Yes every time we shower we just say how much we love it!!! Of course after cleaning it today I am not so happy:( The water here leaves chlorine marks all over the glass so me and vinegar got it all off:( UGH!!! I usually have to do this with all my windows on the outside from the sprinklers. Such a pain!!! But vinegar did the trick  and all looked well:) I also bought a squeegee to clean it every day:)

Hubby was vacuuming and opened the door to the water heater and it is leaking:( So guess we will deal with that this week:( Always something!

Didn't get much quilted this week but when you see what I did get done you will be impressed:) ha ha!!!

Dolly made this Stunning Judy Niemeyer quilt. I just love her patterns!!!

This is suppose to be a tree skirt but Dolly is SO not cutting a hole in it:) I wouldn't either!!!!
Love the quilting I did... tons of ruler work and fillers.

Nice close up:)

You can really see the work I did on the back:)

Margaret made this all from scraps:)

Those squares are pieced! I had to feel them to make sure:)

Just a nice stipple all over.

I have all the blocks made for another chemo quilt but can't put on design wall until the hexie one is all sewn together.... getting there:)

Talking about Chemo quilt.. this one is all finished:) I used a honey bun and Seams so Fast Quilt Strip Piecing Guide. That gadget is awesome!!! It will snuggle up your strips so you get a straight seam and unwavey strips. Used it on the batiks also.

It is quilted and bound but I didn't get a picture of it time:)

Enjoy your week... I have the antique Lone Star to quilt this week and then running off with Pat to Dallas for a few days:)
Take care, stay cool, and sew!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, July 24, 2016

WHOOOO!!!! Bathroom is done:)

Yes you read it right:) But then we knew it would eventually get finished:) ha!
Took our first shower in it this morning and worth every penny and bit of stress:) Went shopping yesterday and bought a new soap dispenser and grey towels to go with it:) Just beautiful!!!!

These are the BEFORE pictures. Please do not look too closely:) This bathroom was built in 1963 and the tub and tile were original. And so were the ceiling vent and heater. Oh and the mirror.

NEW bathroom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

While Nick was finishing it all up all week I quilted and quilted!!! Hope you don't get to tired of the photo overload:)

The temps have been 100 for 4 days in a row so far but a cool front will drop them to high 90's next week:) As if we will actually feel any difference!

On with the quilting pictures:

My next 2 Lucy Boston Crosses are done:)

Gayle made this Batik Beauty. There are straight lines through all the squares and lots of curlz in other places.

So love the border I only stitched straight lines so as to not lose the design in the fabric.

Just adore the backing!!!!

Gayle's Cactus Wreath. 

Lots of curlz and feathers:)

Did a larger feather with variegated Christmas thread in the center wreath.

Look at all that quilting:)

This is Pat's Wedding Giraffe quilt. A new pattern for her.

                                                 Close up:) Just did a stipple all over.

Great backing!!! We found it in Giddings and on sale:)

She used the leftovers for a Project Linus quilt.

More stippling all over.

Love the backing on this one also.

This was a donated top to Project Linus.

Love the fishes! Just looped all over.

Another donated top.

More loops:)

Yet another donated top.

More stippling.

This is Linda's Strip quilt.

Just looped all over.

So lots of quilting got done and the studio does look a bit neater:)
Back at it tomorrow.... I am finishing up a chemo quilt top today and will have to hunt for some backing.

Have an awesome week!!!

Sunday, July 17, 2016

After 1 week on renovation:(

It has been a busy noisy week here! The furrbabies have not been happy at all!!!

My worker pulled something in his back so has been at half speed most of the week:( We do have sheet rock, texture, and paint. Hopefully his back will be better tomorrow so he can start on the floor... if not he said he would call in for reinforcements:) He is now saying it will be done Wednesday. I have to remember it's only been 8 days of work so far.... just seems way longer!!

Looks way worse then last weeks pictures!

So while he is working and the furrbabies complaining Bob and I have been in the studio with the wonderful A/C:)

Gayle made this bright and cheerful quilt.

                                                          Lots of negative space for me:)
Hard to believe it's all made from rectangles.

You can really see the quilting on the back!

My Dandelion wall hanging is all done:)

I hand stitched the flowers and the word. I also used piping for the first time:)

Here is the back:)

I quilted this for Pam a year or so ago. But there were more names to be added.

So welcome Jaiden and Robert:)

This is one of the antique quilts I repaired, quilted and bound.

Love all the fabrics!!!!

He gave me most of the pink backing... Pat helped with one more piece that was close from the stash. I just stippled all over. Turned out really nice! Just have the Lone Star to finish for him.

Well another week of staying in the studio so plan to veg in front of tv today and do hand work:) Almost finished with another Lucy Boston Cross and then back to the scrappy hexie project:)

Enjoy your week!!