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Wow Patricia was a strong on!

We got almost 7 inches of rain from the storm:) MUCH needed for sure!!!! The temps have dropped today so it feels like almost winter here in Central Texas:) Remember I said almost:) Will warm up to 80's by the end of the week and maybe more rain:)

Pu my new Bernina on Monday:)

With emb module.
Just as a sewing machine.
Sitting next to my Bernina 165. Nina is about 11 years old so you can really see the difference. Of course she was not the top of the line at that time.
All covered up for the night:)

Had Lunch bunch and Guild on Tuesday so nothing got done:)

Quilted this on Wednesday:

This is Gayle's Mistletoe Lane quilt.
I quilted a snowflake panto all over it.
And it is reversible:)

Played on Bianca Thursday and most of Friday:) ha ha!! Then we headed to Cedar Park to see one of my Favorite Christian bands.... For King and Country and Moriah Peters:) Awesome concert! Had a bag packed just in case the weather came early but we were lucky and drove home with no problems... we a…

WHOOOOO!!!! The weather has finally cooperated!

Today is day 2 of keeping the windows open:) I think Fall is finally here after 100 degrees last week! We broke 2 very long ago set records on temperatures:( Don't like those! The leaves are really falling now... may be due to Fall like weather or still because of no rain:( Either way it is beautiful in Central Texas!
I got some quilting done this week and my studio is all rearranged for Bianca's arrival tomorrow:) The 6 needle is loaded in the car for it's drive to Austin tomorrow:) Funny how moving that one machine out gave me SO much room:) Or at least the illusion of it:)

On with the pictures:

Ummmm Bob seems to think this space is for him... not:) ha ha!!! He will be surprised for sure:)
Jill made this jaw dropping ... at least in my opinion... flying geese quilt for her SIL for Christmas..
It is a modern western quilt. There are chambray fabrics in it along with the occasional brown.  We decided on the quilting design and dark brown thread. It is even reversible!!

Keeping busy:)

Hi all,

Well running late today as we were installing our new microwave over the range. The old one just went up and died for no reason and it was only 18 months old. No extended warranty for me! I of course was not going to pay someone $130 to install it when I knew we could do it for $0. So the new one we thought would just slide right into the bracket of the old one... nope of course not! So we had to drill new holes, take off old support bracket and install new one... yes we did try to use it:) Then of course the cord hole was in the wrong place. Got it all installed and guess what???? How do you get the vent tube to go through your ceiling with the microwave in the way???? Duh! You have to have it there first... I think we installed it 3 times but she is up and running now:) I never knew how much I used a microwave until we didn't have one for about a month.

I did get some quilting done this week:

Megan had this quilted in Colorado before she moved here. The gal did a pantogr…

October is finally here:)

I love October and November especially for the cooler temperatures!!! So nice to have open windows and not sweat walking out the door:) Oh and the fall colors aren't that bad either:)

Was busy quilting this week:) Had a must listen to body day and spent it with the heating pad on my neck most of the day:( Feel much better so back at it I go:)

Even Bob is enjoying the open windows:)
Jo made this bed runner for her niece.
I used the Featheration panto and then echoed around it.
She used muslin for the backing so it is reversible:)
Linda W is expecting her first great grand child and can you tell it is a girl?
She wanted pink butterflies so I used a butterfly panto on it.
Sweet backing fabric too!
Becky D made this amazing Halloween Quilt. After some research for some ladies that fell in love with it... it is called Sew Spooky and was a BOM but is still available as a kit or you can just buy the patterns:) I think I maybe seeing a few more of these in the future:)
Becky wanted it qui…