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Much better and busier week!

The vertigo is all gone:) Of course the Chenopods are not and ragweed is starting to show up:( Oh well have upped my allergy meds and that seems to be working:)

I was home 3 days and got 1 quilt done:) Oh well I did get that done:) LOL!!! Thursday I had errands and eye appt... had to order new glasses:) Kinda happy about that since these are 3 years old!

Friday was Bee:) Almost have all the Steampunk blocks done:) Then need to sash. I did find backing fabric at $8.50 a yard and then 25% off that:) You need to check out Jordan Fabrics out of Oregon. They have great tutorials and fabric!

Saturday was hubby errand day... we bought him clothes, new living room furniture... couch, ottoman, and wing back chair for me:).... then to Home Depot for light and other goodies for hubby's room and hallway makeover. Oh and I ordered a new refrigerator that morning online at home depot ... it was almost 1/2 price:) Then to lunch and then to Ledgers our local  furniture store to get hubby a badly …

Up and down week..

I truly mean up and down. The allergies have triggered vertigo so I am fine sitting still or laying down but once I am up and moving so is everything else:( UGH!!! It's an inner ear thing so more antihistamines... have had it before but it's been awhile:( Feels like your drunk without the wine drinking:(

I did get a few things done though...

Gayle made this runner for her church.
Just rays of love in the quilting!!!
Pat made this Doxie quilt as a gift for a visiting friend next month:)
Love that the pups are on the back also:) Just loop meander.
Ruth Ellen made this chemo quilt all from her scrap stash:) Awesome!
Just loop meander quilting.
As you can see just simple quilting this week since I don't know how long I would feel well enough to quilt. Have a more complex quilt loaded for this week already... high hopes:)
Millie is all done except for her fill in border pieces. I have ordered 3 yards of Kona Hyacinth for that:) So finished up the 3 Spargo birds I have been negl…

We got rain:)

Had to believe it would rain in August in the great state of Texas but it sure did!! Of course my house didn't get much but Dallas area did!

Pat and I traveled North Friday morning VERY early to attend the Plano Quilt Show. Was a good show with tons of vendors... so many we did not see! A lovely lunch at Abuelos and then cards and drinks at Linda's house:) Saturday was MABD in Allen and then the drive home.

It rained almost all the way up after we left my house and about 50% of the way home. We SO need it!!! No complaining here!

I got the quilt that was on the frame finished and that was about it for the week... not sure where the days are going but they are going fast!

Here are my pictures:

This is Shelley's antique Trip Around the World quilt made entirely of Hexies:)
Lots of feathers:)
As you can see on the backing... I did change thread colors throughout.
Millie is all put together except that empty spot and the fill in pieces. Having a hard time figuring out what colo…

Not sure what happened to this weeK:)

The week got away from me... I had a sick day Monday,  quilted most of Tuesday, Wed quilted a bit and finally got my crown put on... they forgot about me:(

Thursday I was at vet office at 7:45 am to drop Calli off to get spayed, nails clipped, tail checked and get her boosters. That was fun! Tried to get hubby to catch her since she loves him more:) She tore him up with her nails:( So I finally caught her and stuffed her in the carrier... she is a bit wild:) Then went off to get groceries and take a nap. I got like 2 hours of sleep the night before... Jax and Waldo were NOT happy there was no food out and let me know it over and over again:( Brats! I got a call to pick her up at 2. She had a lovely cone on.... so when I opened her carrier she flopped around like a fresh caught fish on the ground:( Poor thing! She hid under my bed for about an hour or so to regain her strength and went into kitchen and flopped some more but by golly that cone was off! Was getting worried about her yest…