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May 31, 2014

Can you believe its the last day of May already? June is always a busy month with lots of birthdays to celebrate:) And now with the temps creeping to 90 it actually feels like summer. We got a bit of rain yesterday but last week we got almost 6 inches:) yea!!!! Everything is SO green!

Hubby arrived in Florida Wednesday and today he, his sister, the in laws and their cat started their journey to Texas. They should arrive Wednesday evening. Oh what joy:) Yes there is a bit of sarcasm there:) ha ha!!!

I am enjoying my quiet time:)

Here is what I worked on all week.....
First up is Gayle's wedding quilt for her nephew.
Of  course she let me play:)
I used an oval ruler to stitch rings around the blocks and then outlined them
I stippled in the larger areas and pebbled close to blocks.
Then loopys in 9 patches and feathers in border.
And it is reversible :)
This is Marlyn's jelly roll quilt for her gdaughters graduation.
Just loop meandered in the center and feathers in the border.

May 24, 2014


I have been battling it out with TWC to get this Internet working right. They say it's my computer yet if I have their modem unplugged for an extended amount of time everything is just dandy! Not sure what we will do except unplug the modem every night. As long as it works!

It was my 33rd wedding anniversary yesterday:) Hubby took off early and brought me the cutest little bouquet:) Of course with all this in law coming back and then not and then yes stuff we are both just happy to not hear from them yesterday!

Hubby flies out Wed and will bring his FIL and the cat home for sure. The MIL has a Dr appt on Tues? Yes she should of already been since she says she's sick..... not wanting to come is more like it! If she is actually sick the SIL will fly down and stay with her and then fly her back. Have to wait till Tues to s what is gonna happen with her I do know the guys are coming back for sure!

We have a lot of yard work to do and their house to clean this weekend so eve…

May 21, 2014

I know I am almost done with this week and still have not posted. Still had Internet problems and usually they work themselves out but no this time... so called TWC and they rebooted at their end and all is good now. I will have to remember to call earlier next time:)

Hubby has his plane ticket bought and will fly down to get the in laws. MIL may wait and fly with my SIL since she has not been feeling well. Would make life easier for my Hubby! And it would be a male bonding trip:) Since the cat is a male also:) ha ha!!!

Finally got my hubby to the eye Dr. First time I think ever... or at least the 34 years I have known him. He needs trifocals. We are hoping he gets them this week so he can adjust before the big trip!

I don't have a lot to show this week as one quilt is quilted but I am doing the binding and a sleeve for it so it will be posted in the next post.
But here is what I have.....
First up is Janie's Snowman quilt. I was SO proud that she is starting SO early:) ha ha!…

May 12, 2014

Happy day after Mother's Day!!!

Internet service was so slow all weekend I could get anything posted. Hope everyone had a marvelous Mother's Day! I heard from both of the kids and got gift cards:) Hubby took me out to eat and we stopped at Joann's. Perfect day!

We had a really good rain storm come through last week... we got 2 inches of rain but probably more since the rain gauges doesn't catch the sideways rain. Studio had a little bit of leakage but was dry by the next day. We are suppose to get more storms tonight and into tomorrow. We SO need the rain no one is complaining!

Was really working hard quilting last week:) Here is what I got done:

This is Erlene's Paper Doll quilt. It is SO darn cute!!!!
I got to fill up a lot of negative space.
Just adorable!!!! Love the little worm peeking out.
Here is all the quilting I did:) It was all freehand.
This is Nell's Texas quilt. More negative space to fill up.                               Hubby is holding it up s…

May 4, 2014

Yea it's May!!!!
All the flowers are blooming and the days are still somewhat cool. Do you beleive we broke a 111 year record for cold temps? I know!!! We had anywhere from 32-39 degrees in our area one night last week:) Sure was nice for a change! Usually we have the AC on and it's mostly in the upper 80's and lower 90's with high humidity. We will get back on that temp schedule this week... all good things must come to an end:(

Hubby and I ran away from home yesterday and had a great outing! We went to Marble Falls for breakfast at the Bluebonnet Cafe. If you have never been there it is a must! Then to Kerrville to Creations Quilt Shop. Love it there!!!! Then back to Fredricksburg to One Quilt Place. They have moved and the new Bldg is so nice! There is also a Studio and a Cottage. The new owner def knows what she wants!
Then back to Marble Falls to the Cafe for pie and coffee and then a nice drive home:)
We were all relaxed and tired but happy:)

Was a busy week here…