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Sunday, March 26, 2017

End of March is fast approaching!

Hope everyone had a great week! Ours was finally uneventful:) No falls and no sick furbabies:) yea!!!

Did get to attend our grand daughters bday party at Chuck E Cheese... hubby and I are both ok to not go there again for many years!!! We should of gotten an I survived t shirt or button!!

I did get to go to Bee and will show you what I have been working on:)

So on with the pictures!

This is the only quilt I got finished this week.
This is Martha's mini churn dash quilt.

She had 110 mini churn dashes in it:)

Love the way the back looks:) She already has a bed for it and she was thinking of putting it in the show this July.

This what I am working on at Bee. The first 2 Bees I sewed the strip sets. This time I was able to sew all the light rows together. In between I pressed and cut:) Next time I will sew all the dark rows together. Seems to be a good thing to have a project just for Bee especially since I don't have much sewing time at home anymore.

Here is the corrected Lucy Boston Cross. Not my favorite but  it is the last one and I have been working on the 1 in squares for the 9 patches that will be the corner stones.

Will only be quilting 2 days this week as Pat and I are heading North to Dallas, Canton and Plano for a few days:) Fun girls getaway:) Yes I have already bought the wine:)

Hope you all have a great week!!!!

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Happy Late St Patty's Day:)

Hello all:)

Busy week here this week..... KoKo was syringe fed all week:( UGH Not fun! But once her new food arrived that stopped:) She likes it much better and the others like it to so no conflicts in the morning:) She got her stitches removed yesterday and I was able to pu a bag of prescription dry and they all like ti also:) Of course the others will still have their food available in a place where she can not get to:)
She still takes 3 pills a day which she is not happy about but it will only be for another week and then maybe our lives can get back to normal?

My hand is definitely healing:) The bruising is only on the pinky now and  am able to bend it more everyday. The knee is also not as bruised but bending it or standing for any extended period of time is still painful:( But all in all a great improvement!

I did get some quilting done this week:)

My Project Linus Quilt is all done:)

Dot's challenge quilt She got way more pieces then I did in her kit!

She did a great job!

Pieced her backing since we could not buy anything:)

Ruth Ellen's challenge is great also!

Love Bow Ties!!!

Also pieced backing... Glad I am not judging the quilts!

#19 of the Lucy Boston blocks... only 1 more and then lots and I mean lots of filler blocks.

Brenda's grand daughter's first quilt.

She did a really great job!

Love the backing fabric!!!

Here is Missy KoKo:) If I fits I sits:)

Ok this is what happens when you are watching Victoria and didn't pay attention to what you were doing:) haha!!! Of course I had to unsew:( That is not fun as I am using a fine weight thread and small ladder stitches. The block its right now and will be getting it's muslin hexies attached today:)
I just thought you might like to see that not everything goes as planned:)

Hope you have a sew wonderful week! I am out more then in but am about 1/3 done on a quilt for the show in July for a customer... hope to be done this week:)

Sunday, March 12, 2017

What a week!

Ok so not only was I recovering from my fall my kitty KoKo was at the vet everyday this past week:( She had stopped eating and was throwing up. Monday we went and they gave her a shot of nausea meds and antibiotics. Tuesday no better so she had xrays and bloodwork. They found a mass like item in her intestine, she stayed overnight with IV fluids. Wed she had ultrasound and exploratory surgery. They took 5 biopsies and sent off to Amarillo. Another overnight stay:( Doing better on Thursday but  by mid afternoon was running a fever so another night stay:( Friday she was doing much better! Her temp was normal and they were still syringe feeding her... she doesn't like her new food.... me either!..... The mass was on the outside of her intestines and was calcified fat, there was a string like object in her intestine... that was calcified fat string, her intestine walls were so coated that the food would just slide right through and no nutrients absorbed:( So I come home with my baby on Friday... I am syringe feeding her and giving her 2 different meds 2x a day and another once a day. Lots of fun!!!! NOT!!!!
Anyway it is all worth it esp when she curled up with me in bed Friday night:) We made a step ladder out of a trunk so she doesn't have to jump up and down so far with all her stitches:( She goes back in about a week to get them removed... Guess this is an on going adventure... it must of been brewing for sometime but I didn't pu on the symptoms as I thought is was Tobi causing the finds in the litter box.. poor guy was being blamed!The others are a bit confused that their dry food has been moved but are adjusting....

Now me... my hand is slowly healing... am hoping to be able to do ruler work later this week... if not I will just have to wait a bit longer.... I mostly quilted loop meander and stipple quilts this week and have 2 more I can do. The leg/knee has been more of a problem then I thought it would be... it is bruised all down my shin:( So no squatting or kneeling:( It has been a challenge but Hubby has been a great help!!!

So I would of been home all week but I was at the vet every day and I also had bee this week.. the vet said I could go:) Hubby visited her that day:)

 So this is what did get done:

Jill made a chemo quilt from one of the guild's kits.

I really liked the fabrics!

She pieced the backing and I did a gold loop meander all over:)

We are having a Project Linus challenge in our guild. We pu a kit of odds and ends and then add some to make a quilt. No buying allowed!

So I added the 2 emb blocks and Pat gave me the brown around animals, animal prints and the backing. It's not due till May but since I could I went ahead... the binding is on but not stitched down yet.

Pat made this for her grand daughter that is visiting next month.

Just a sweet little quilt with pink variegated loops.

Love the back!

Tula Pinks new line finally arrived at my house:) 

These are the last 2 BOM's.

A new customer made her first quilt and it is a t shirt quilt.

I finished it for her.

A nice variegated thread and stipple all over.

Here are all the BOM's on the design wall. Need to figure out if I like it or not:)

I have been working on another quilt but only at the bee... have all the rows sewn and now need to press and cut triangles out.

No Lucy Boston Cross finished this week... my hand can't that intricate stitching for long:( Maybe next week?

Enjoy the week! The weather has been beautiful until another cold front blew through last night:(
Cooler temps for a few days.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Happy March!

Also on March 2 was Texas Birthday:)
It was a busy week here as you will see in the pictures... there were lots of ups and downs:)
This adorable quilt belongs to Marylyn:)

I just love it!!! It is for her great grand baby:)

Sweet backing also:)

Kathy J made this for her grand daughter:)

When I first saw it all I could see were feathers:) Turned out lovely!!!

She used a great corner idea I may have to borrow:)

Bright beautiful backing!!!

Margaret made this sweet quilt.

Love how the half feathers give is some movement!

Scrappy back:)

My Wool Bluebonnet was done for the Birthday celebration but not framed till today... love the old barn wood!

Another Lucy Boston Cross all done... 2 to go:)

Okay those were all the ups down for the down... as in I fell down:( Yup walking and looking and bam on the street I was:( 
Think the pinky was jammed or pulled away from hand but it hurt the most!!!

Lots of bruising and swelling:(
Only painful when the pinky is moved or bumped:( OUCH!!!

My lovely knee that was the first to hit. Has a deep bruise and made it hard to walk but am now able to bend it and am walking much more normal today. I also hit part of my face and chin and the glasses have some scratches on the frame:(
This happened Friday morning so there has been healing!
Oh and yes I looked and could not see anyone around:) hahaha!!! I was only 1/2 block away from the house so hobbled home:(
May not be much quilting next week but I sure as heck will give it a try:)

Hope you all have a wonderful and safe week ahead!!