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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter:)

Hope everyone had a Blessed Easter:)
Quiet one here with a nice meal and hubby:)

What a week... I got hives.... have never had those before and never want them again! Have no idea what caused them either:( Am back to "my" normal finally:)

Got quilting done anyway:)
This is Pat's quilt for her grand daughter's wedding this summer.

She had collected purples for awhile:)

Just looped allover:)

Jean is a snowbird and made this quilt for the house here.

Not quite sure what the pattern name is.

You can see I swirled the background and big swirls in the flower petals. There were feathers in the border also:)

Elaine made this fall quilt for her son.

Her goal is to finish all her UFOs:) Don't we all wish we could get all of them done!

Just loops all over... love the backing!

Erlene made this Star quilt.

Of course love the modernism:) I quilted swirly feathers in the border and swirls in the background. The stars got matching colored quilting:)

She added the black along the sides so I had enough fabric to stretch:) Thank you!

Margaret made this colorful quilt for her daughter:)

I just looped it all over.

You can see the variegated thread on the backing.

Dot made this Chemo quilt with leftovers from her last project.

Just looped once again:)

Wish I had some of that backing for my chemo top I have finished!

Bob is telling me that I am doing it wrong:) Or right? Too funny!!!!
That is the last Bertie block getting sewed up. Have the last 4 in varying stages of completion:)

Have a funeral, a quilt show, and a concert to attend this week. Yes I plan on getting some quilting done also:)

Don't forget to find all your Easter eggs so there won't be anything smelly in a few days:) ha ha!!!

Sunday, March 20, 2016

From shorts to sweats!

As you can tell in the title we had a wonderful week of weather:) Yes 90 degrees with a million degrees of humidity until Friday night and then VERY cold North winds and back to ling pants.... huh wonder what next week will bring? No rain as predicted though:( Everything is green and the bluebonnets are blooming:) Just beautiful!!! Haven't gone out to take pics yet... maybe next weekend?

As I told you last week this was a pretty busy week and I was only home a few days....

Monday I was sick:( Tues I quilted and went to Guild.
Erlene made this beautiful blue Block of the Month quilt.

She wanted my fathers with a swirl so put them in the border. I also quilted each star a bit different.

Can really see quilting on the back:)

Wed I had an awesome class. It was how to turn a picture into a quilt. Learned SO much as this is out of my comfort zone. Just needs to be stitched down and embellished... have the next purrtrait picked out. This is Gemma.

Thursday errands and worked on class project. Friday Bee and Sat quilt show. Was really ready for today as a day off!

These are quilted I really liked from the show... no information just pictures.

Do you see the stairs?

I quilted this one for Gayle and it was a winner!!!!

There were lots of quilts quilted by me in the show:)

Me with my sunflower. Not a winner at the show but is now hanging in my living room.

This is the Viewer's Choice. Just amazing machine embroidery crazy quilt. I talked to the owner... her mother made it... it took her 2 years and she had just finished it:) I am pointing to the squirrel because Kathy J is a squirrel and she is taking the picture:) ha ha!!!!

My Mary, Mary Quite Contrary. She got an honorable mention:)

Our Guild Do it Yourself Round Robin. We have to add embroidery border.... Bianca got right on that:) They are all cat quotes:)

Enjoy your sew wonderful week!!! Hope to get lots more done this week!!!!

Sunday, March 13, 2016

April Showers came early!

Hi all!

It seems that Mother Nature wants to be ahead of schedule as we got 3.5 inches of rain last week. It rained every day:( Yes we needed the rain but I needed the sun!!!! SO happy to see her again!

The temperatures will be up and down all week... up to 87 and down to 39 one night. I am thinking more sickness ahead! There are many that have had to go to the Dr for this bug going around... it is lasting anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months:( UGH! I don't have time for that!!!!

Was a nice quiet yet busy week here:)

This stunning Dessert Sky was made by Mary W.

I played with lots of feathers:) 

Used a variegated King Tut on the top and a solid on the bottom.

Was a pleasure to quilt:)

Ophelia made this adorable Poppy table runner.

She wanted the poppies to pop:)

There were half feathers on this one:) Used mostly black thread.

My Dahlia quilt all done for Chemo patients.

Another Chemo quilt all done:)
Makes you feel good to know they are going to a good forever home:)

Well BB8 was all sewed together and the backing arrived so......

I quilted it:) Straight lines on the guy and swirls in the background.

Found this Star Wars fabric for the back.... he will be shipped to daughter tomorrow:) 
No occasion just because:)

Dot needed grasshopper blocks for her grand son's quilt. Bianca did a nice job:)

One of my customers adopted a baby girl and so I made her my name blocks:) Have only seen pictures so far so am hoping to see her soon!
Another Lucy Boston block finished:) I am cutting out 3 more so will always have something to work if I am ever without a project or two:)

Busy week! Have our Guild mtg Tuesday night then a class on Wednesday about how to turn your pictures into quilts. Am excited about this one...have a lovely picture of Gemma in her blue tunnel.
Also have to turn in my 2 quilts for the Show in Killeen on Saturday. Bee on Friday and Quilt Show on Saturday... am hoping to get something quilted:)

Enjoy your week and get sewing!!!!