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July 31, 2012

Wow another month is about gone again????? They were right when they said the days go faster the older you get! Wonder how they will be when I reach 30??? Again:) haha!!!!
Not to much customer quilting so far this week had a few appts to go to and that just screws up the day!
I thought I would post some pics of projects I am working in progress.

This is a Pumpkin BOM I am working on. Have the 12 blocks done and now am working on the header.It is all machine appliqued and some of the accents like the bee in the second pic is done by hand:) Used  mostly from my stash:) There is a group of us working on this and I think I am one of the last ones to be finishingup:( Oh well at least it will be finished:)

 This is the snowman BOM from Quiltn Country. I am doing all the applique all by hand:) Lots of fun and I am keeping up which is actually amazing!!!  It is Merry Merry Snowman From Bunny Hill.

This is yet another by hand quilt I am working on. I know I am crazy!!! Thi…

July 25, 2012

Hi All:)

The ankle is better:) yea!!!! I got 2 quilts quilted last week but it took a few days. This week I am back to my normal:) So I got my 2 Project Linus Quilts and one customer quilt done so far. Have another loaded for this afternoon:)

Well Miskiti has decided to be an outside kitty. She got out and won't come to us. I am hoping she is staying at someones house whenever I don't see her here. She is due anytime so hope she has her babies in a safe place.

This is Cassie's quilt. She will be giving it away for a raffle. I used a fall leaf pantograph on it. Love the colors!

This is also Cassie's quilt. It is a baby gift. I used the double bubble pantograph on it. Turned out just gorgeous!

This is one of 2 Dresden plate quilts from Elaine. Her daughter made the plates about 12 years ago. Her 9 year old gdaughter zigzaged all the plates on while visiting this past week. And I got to quilt them:) They will go in the gdaughters bedroom on her twin beds:) I did freehand …

July 11, 2012

Wow we have actually had rain in July here in Texas. That is unheard of!!!! We are grateful!
Ok for a few surprises.. First our newest cat member Miskiti went to vet on Mon and she had ear mites and is carrying 4 babies:) Surprise! She is due within 2 weeks so if you know of someone who wants a kitten please please lmk! I was texting my hubby this I was walking and texting...there should be a law against this....I stepped into a hole and twisted my ankle. Yup the same one I rolled earlier this year:(  So off my feet for the week. Sucks!!!!
So here are pics of the quilts from last week:

 This is a Project Linus blanket I made. I had stitched out one of the flowers for a block exchange but then didn't make the mtg so made another and made a quilt:)
 These are the Quilts Beyond Borders that I quilted. Pat did the bindings and they are on there way to one of the ladies that delivers them to the children overseas.
These were quilted for Mrs Taylor. She is about 85 and sewe…

Forogt to post our newest family member:)

This is Miskiti:) Once again she found us:) Such a sweetie. she goes to the Vet on Mon of next week to get started on shots and stuff:) she has been living with us a week and is KoKo's best friend:) yea someone for her to play with!!!

Almost 4th of July!

Hi all,

This past week was catch up on charity quilting:)

I quilted 10 Quilts Beyond Border quilts. They are now at Pat's for the binding work and then I will take a quick pic before mailing them out. This is a great organization. Just google them and see what it's all about:)

I also got my normal 2 Project Linus quilts quilted. This is yet another great organization! I quilt for them weekly as we have a local chapter:) I usually don't take pics of these unless thay are super cool!

I also did a customer quilt but no pics will be available until I know the quilt is given as a gift:)

Ok so now for some pics. I had talked about our kitchen redo a few weeks maybe months ago:) Well we are all done with the painting:) Of course I can't move today:) haha!!!  Am hoping to replace flooring next year if I can decide what I want:) Enjoy:)

No more blue!!!!!!

Have a happy Fourth of July!
Happy Stitchin!