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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Last week of August already!!!

Hard to believe September is in just a few days!!! The Fall months are starting to fill up with activities!!! We have the State Fair in Oct and of course Houston Quilt Festival the beginning of November and I will be attending both this year!!! Have never been to the fair and it has been 3 years since Houston. Should be lots of fun!!!

Yesterday hubby and I ran away:) haha!!! Not really the SIL is in town so we went to Austin  and dropped off my littlest Bernina to get cleaned:) Then to Cloth Pocket... they are the cutest little shop! They will be moving in Oct to a larger building with lots of windows... SO happy for them! They are always so nice and I also took a picture of what I bought:)

Then off to other errands and ate at Catfish Parlour. Hubby loves the all you can eat catfish... he usually regrets it later that day:( haha!!!

I did get to feeling better and found out it wasn't the chenopods after all... ragweed has come onto the scene:( I have the right mix of meds and it has been good so far:)

I turned the raffle quilt in and they will trim and bind it and then start displaying it. When I get tickets to sell I will let you know and you can tell me how many you want:) Lots I hope!!!!

So on with the pictures:

The raffle quilt in all of it's glory!!!

I will just let you ohhh and ahhh:)

Here is the back.... more oohhhs and aaahhhs:)

Of course cats!!! Yes this is what I bought at Cloth Pocket. Am thinking of making a bag for me and my daughter as the larger print is more lineny.... is that a word? The smaller prints will be the lining and pockets inside. Yes more on my PIGS list:) 

Well hope ya'll have a great week or sewing and quilting!!!! Sending big hugs:)

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Lots of rain and cooler temps:)

Hi all:)

It has rained everyday this week... SO not typical for Texas in August!!!! And also the temps have dropped to below 90???  What going on??? So far we have had 6+ inches of rain. Thankfully it has all been nice slow and relaxing rain:)

Unfortunately it has caused havoc on my sinuses:( I have had a headache almost everyday along with the rain:( I did have 2 pretty good days so I got to get some quilting done but the Raffle quilt is only 1/2 way finished:( Was hoping for further progress! I have changed around my allergy meds so am hoping to be my self next week again! Am feeling better today!

So needless to say no work not so many pictures!

Here is a sneak peek of the raffle quilt:) Erlene did such a wonderful job on the Flying Geese!

My Hexie project is all sewed together!!! Now to hand quilt it... well after a cross stitch stocking and another hexie project that is in my head:) A good winter project.

Here is the back view. I still have the papers in the outer hexies for stability. They will come out once I get it basted for quilting.

Saw this on someones blog and thought you might enjoy it!!!

Stay busy and dry!!!!

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Fall is arriving a bit early... hope it lasts!

We are having some wild weather this summer! It only got really hot... 100's at the end of July and actually had 106 on Friday:( Yes a pretty uncomfortable day! Then the front came in and we had rain:) Yes rain in August?? Dropped the temps almost 15 degrees. Sat more rain and bit cooler but higher humidity because of the rain. Today cooler and more rain expected:) Actually more rain all week and cooler temps:) Not open the window temps but SO much better!!! Yea!!!! Of course hubby says he can hear the grass growing:)

Got a few customer things quilted this week. Had Bee on Friday and started a project that I had cut out, made the blocks on Sat and the top was done today:) I do like PIGS... projects in grocery bags... that are finished:) Of course mine are all in ziploc bags but I guess PIZ isn't as good:) Or PIB for the ones in boxes:) haha!!! So I guess it is now a WIP... work in progress as it waits to be quilted? I am sure someone will correct me on that acronym:)

Ok on with the show:)

Becky's daughter needed curtains so this is what she made:) 2 panels of log cabins:)

I just straight line quilted it with cream thread.

You can see the quilting on the backing. Would love a pair!!!

Jo made this stunning tree quilt.

She wanted the trees outlined and there to be swirls of wind blowing across the top. The fabrics were very interesting!

You can see some of the quilting on this gorgeous backing fabric!

Lori Beth needed a t shirt for her daughter beginning kindergarten in a few days... she could tell you how many days:) ha ha!!! So while I had the machine set up we did her little brother's and her cousin's also:) They will have a picture of them wearing it the first day of school through their senior year. Will be neat to see them growing!

I had this all cut out and hauled to Bee on Friday. Sewed all the flying geese at the bee, put the stars together yesterday and the top was finished today. really enjoyed making this one. It is from the book Quilts Without Borders by Jay Bird Quilts and I used one of Angela Walters fabric collections.

This is the guild's raffle quilt that is next on the frame: The gals did a great job of sewing it all together:) I donated the kit so they just had to supply the backing and batting:) LMK if you want to buy tickets:)

I have the purr-trait of Sox finished but am trying to send to email from phone and it is not arriving:( I will definitely post next time! I have started  another portrait but is is an owl... who-trait? ha!
Have an awesome week and remember if you make a mistake it's a design decision not actually a mistake:)

Monday, August 8, 2016

August already!!!

(Tried to post yesterday but the pictures wouldn't upload:( But I am here today:)

Whew it feels like August!!!! 100+ everyday for the last 10+ days:( UGH!!!!! This is the part of Summer I am never a happy camper with!!! Just wish for rain and cooler temperatures!!!!!

Did get my bran spanking new water heater put in. Do you believe the labor cost more then the water heater? Well... shouldn't have to worry about that for another 10 years or more:) Wonder what's next??? Hope we are done for the year!!!

Well I did get one quilt finished... and I mean it is all done;) It's the Lone Star I have been writing about. I was given just the star and had to finish it... well it is finished!!! Yes it was pretty warm under it doing the hand-sewing of the binding:(

This is our Do Your Own Round Robin through the Guild. This border requires applique. Dazi to the rescue with the paw prints. Only one more border to add:)

Here are my VERY VERY expensive quilting tools I used on the Lone Star quilt:) ha ha!!!

Here she is!!!! All done:)

I used the bowls to make where the feathers were going to be and how wide to make them.
I love the curls I put in the diamonds!

Here is a close up of one of the large squares I had to fill.

The backing that is blue was in his mother's stash... the muslin I added to make it big enough.

This is Sox my hubby's work cat that got hit by a car earlier this year. I have added the eyes and still need to do the background then he will be in line to be quilted:) I have an owl to do next... haven't quite figured it out but have lots of fabric for it:)

Pat and I went to Dallas area this past weekend. SO much fun!!! Visited 2 new quilt shops. Pieced Together Studio in Mesquite was in an old building but had great fabrics and great lighting! Will visit it again! Then we headed to Plano to visit Not Your Mama's Quilt Store. SO modern and fun!!!! They had a little bit of everything... Tula, Kaffe, and so many more!
Then of course we HAD to go to my favorite Stitched with Love in McKinney. 
We ventured into downtown McKinney to Emporium Pies for dinner... yes we had pie for dinner:) yums!!!! We also had a Make A Blanket Day. So a fun filled 2 days!!!
Today back to reality and quilting. Poor Dazi was empty all weekend... wonder if she feels naked???

Have a great week and stay cool if it's hot where you are!!!!