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Jan 18, 2015

What a beautiful day Friday and yesterday... today the sun is also shining!!! We were all getting pretty grumpy with no sunshine!!! Saw a lot of smiling people when I was out and about:) yea!!! Of course how long will it last???? Prob till Wed but that is ok:) We drove by one of the lakes and it still has islands that are not suppose to be there. A few years back all were covered with water but this drought has really taken a toll:(

Was busy this week but not to much to show for it:

Well actually nothing to show since I can't upload any pictures:( Not sure what is going on.....

have a great week and I will see what I can figure out......

Jan 11, 2015

Hello Everybody:)

Was a busy cold week around here!!!! had a frigid front come down:( UGH!!!! Woke up to 18 degrees one morning and don't think it went past 30's till today....Ok enough winter for me!!!! We were suppose to get sleet/snow mix but luckily only got rain:)

I did get a bunch of quilting done... what else was there to do???

This is Corollo's . I got to play:)
Here is the back... you can see my playtime:)
Love doing different things in every block.
This is also Corollo's. Her son is in the Air Force and so she made this for him.
Love the smaller Texas flag.
She appliqued the pockets and patches on.
The wonderful United States flag!
See my quilting???
Another Corolla masterpiece.
It is a country sampler.
I played in each block again.
Her last one is the Jar quilt.                    I quilted wood grain in the cabinet and the floor.

Her backing fabric....
Here is the start of my Illusion Quilt. The Blocks on the left are done and the pile next to it still need…

Jan 4, 2015

Happy New year!!!!

I see on a lot of blogs that they are picking a word for the year... I think mine is Finish.... that could of been last years word also:) ha ha!!! My goal is to quilt 3-4 customer quilts and then one of mine:) That is what I mean about finishing:) I can't fit any more of my flimsys in the closet... so I can either stop sewing... NOT!... or start quilting more:)

Ok so now for the show:

The cat quilt is done... well of course except for the quilting. Love this one!!!
My Flowering Snowball made with Cotton and Steel fabrics. All hand pieced.
Hand basted... haven't done that in a long time! Here is how my lap looks pretty much every night... KoKo "helping" me hand quilt. Love that we can make big stitches... I remember when I used to quilt the required 10-12 stitches per inch. WOW!!!
Since my daughter has been accepted to The Ohio State I thought she needed a pillow:) They are headed to the Championship game on the 12th:)
My first customer quilt for th…