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Jan 26, 2014

What a week of weather we had!!! It was in the 70's last weekend, then snow and sleet and today back in the 70s. There is that old saying that is holding true this year.... Texas weather... wait a minute and it will change:)
Tomorrow it will drop again to freezing and below for a few days. Not a big chance of snow or anything but you never know!
It did keep me home and sewing and quilting:)

I was honored to have Daryl at Patchouli Moon Studio feature my Owl quilt on her blog. Check it out!

I need to come up for a name for it for the local quilt show in March. I am thinking Whoooolala! Any ideas?

Ok here are pictures of my week:

There are some awesome icicles on my hummingbird bush.
Look at this long one!!!!
Picture of my back yard dusted with snow.
The walkway to my studio. Was a bit slippery but I took baby steps:)
Down the street view. My hubby's new truck:)

View through my studio window.

Jan 18, 2014

What fun we had today:) The gals and I piled into my car and I drove about an hour away to a first time quilt show in San Saba, TX. They had 200+ quilts. What was neat is you had to sign in/pay at an old hotel. Totally cool! Small though...we were trying to figure out how many rooms there were...I know should of asked:)
The show was spread out in 4 locations. The Winery:), Mercantile, Emporium, and the Bank lobby. Lots of antique quilts. Then there were the modern quilts from 1970 and up:) ha ha!!!! I guess that's modern? I did take a few pictures of ones that really caught my eye:)
This one is made from ties. The best use of ties I have ever seen in a quilt! It was in the winery....could see all those wine barrels:)
This one was in the bank lobby. The notice said it was an Angela Walters pattern:)
 Ok this gal is SO crazy!!!! A big Cathedral Window quilt. Such beautiful colors.... I made it to mug rug size and had enough:)
A nice modern quilt with different chair fabrics. Who kne…

Jan 12, 2014

Helllooo!!! You need to say that Mrs Doubtfires way:)

Had a lovely visit with my daughter:) We got all the Dr Who blocks stiched and they are waiting for sashing fabric I found on Ebay:) Don't tell her but we really needed a visit too:) ha ha!!! She reads this too!

She flew out VERY early Wed and I was sick with Cedar fever since:( I bought new OTC drugs and they seem to be helping a bit. I am already taking 4 allergy drugs with 2 being prescriptions. Wow! As soon as cedar is done there will be something else:( UGH! I just keep trudging along.

Since I didn't get any quilting done... the pumpkin quilt has been loaded all week I will post pictures of Christmas gifts I made last year.

These are Benjamin's Blocks. The patterns are from the S is Stitch Book. Love it!!! Here are just the letters
Here are the words that go with them. Each block also had fabrics that went with the letter.
A doll house for Miss Peyton! Come on in....
Oh look inside.
What a funky couch! But love the…

Jan 5, 2014

Happy New Year!!!

Bet you all have your resolutions written down and memorized:) My resolution every year is to not have any:) No disappointments then:) Ha ha!
Been a busy running around week:) Daughter flew in on New Years day and will be here until Wed:) Have been antiquing and going to Goodwill's and thrift shops:)  We have also been hand embroidering the Dr Who Dr's. She is a big fan and I found these online so we have en stitching every night:) I will make it into a wall hanging or her and ship it later:) Yes there will be pictures:)

I did get one quilt done before her arrival:
This is my 30's BOM we did as a group.
I bought the pattern set after the BOM was done and used all my own fabrics. I only had to buy the border, some of the solid borders, and the backing.
The ladybug buttons were a fun addition:) See them flying by the flowers?
This is the center medallion. All the quilting was free motion.
Here is the backing. Just plain white muslin.
KoKo wants to help with…