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Travel week!

Hi All!!!  I have many many miles under my belt this past week! If you follow me on FB you know where I have been... if not here is a picture loaded tour:)

First we drove to Austin and flew to Atlanta and then to Ohio:) There were delays due to weather, perhaps a chance of loss of cabin pressure, no flight attendants, no ground crew... you know the story! We were to land at 10:30... well it was 3 AM. We did get there however!!!
Why Ohio? My daughter and hubby live there:) We stayed close the first day.... mostly Columbus and surrounding areas. This is Hayden Falls... named after my grand daughter:) ha ha!!!
Then to Schmidt's for the best ever German food and they also had a candy shop next door:) Also went to 2 quilt shops. 
Next day we headed to Canada:) This is Lake Erie on the way:)
Here we are on the US side of the falls. That's me and daughter:)
The US side is not as touristy as the Canadian side but it was good to see both!
Hubby and me on the US side.
Now on Canadian s…

Leaving on a jet plane....don't know when I'll be back again...

Hi All!
Yes going on a trip. Since hubby is going with me I can't tell you the details but next week there will be LOTS of travel pics!!! So you will have to keep guessing:)
Did get a little done this week:
Helen a non quilter made this t shirt quilt for a niece:) She did an awesome job! There were shirts from all over. Always love looking at them all. She made it so the ones that hang over the mattress are all going the right way.
Just a stipple with variegated thread. I trimmed and bound it for her also:)
It goes with the pillow shams I posted last week.
Cindy made this bright orange and blue quilt for a grand son I think.  School colors of the college he will be attending.

She just wanted wavy orange lines... think I got that:)
Always love her backs! Sometimes even better then the fronts:)
My July wool BOM is ready:)
This is Handsome our newest family member. He was a stray but now he's not:) Took him to vet to see if he was chipped... no:( So he is ours. He is fitting rig…

What a fun week!

Hi All,

This week I spent 3 days away to sew and sew some more:) Yes there was some wine involved:) WAY too much fun!!!

Then I had to come back to reality... grocery shop and then yesterday we went to grand daughter 1 recital. What a difference a year makes! She loved her emb ballerina:) Yea Nana!

I didn't get much done but .....

Grand daughter 1 map quilt for Christmas:) All done:) Don't know why the binding looks so wonky... guess I didn't straighten it out before I took a pic?

Bought this backing on the last Austin trip with hubby... it was perfect!
A chemo quilt from a donated UFO.
All done with stippling:)
Grand daughter 2 is getting this sweet Lil Red set:) Started at retreat and then finished when I got back:)
This is mostly what I worked on! top all done and I have the backing.... now it is in line to be quilted:) It is the Sweet Tooth BOM from Jaybird Quilts.
Another wool project finished:) Saw it on Pinterest and then had to buy pattern and wool... so glad we hav…

June is here!!!!

Hello all:) June has arrived and it is a busy month for me:) Am heading to  retreat Tuesday and will be gone most of the week:) Then home a week and then flying to Ohio to spend a week with my daughter:) FUN!!!!!
More rain this week.... still have a leak in the studio:( Repairman will be here the end of the week to see what can be done.... I took video of the rain going where it wasn't suppose to!
Got a few things done this week:)

And the secret can be revealed:) Judy sent me this adorable quilt to  quilt for a mutual friend:) Neither of us leaked a thing and she was VERY surprised on Friday:)

Judy did a marvelous job sewing all those rows together to create the Giraffe.
I got the fun part:)
I guess this guy has traveled many miles!!! Mckinney to Cove to Mckinney to Kempner.... hope he wasn't too tired!
Marlene sent me this Christmas quilt from CA. No it did not make it any cooler when I quilted it:)  ha ha!!!
Santa is flying through the night sky with swirls and curlz left b…