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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Look what happens when I stay home:)

I was home all week except Friday when the girls and I went to Round Rock to the quilt show. Beautiful quilts but just not a big enough venue to display them and have vendors:(  We have been 3 times hoping it would change but it still hasn't. Don't think we will go again unless it is changed.

Okay now to see what I did get done all week:)

Oh and I don't know if you know but if you click on the picture it will take you to a bigger picture:) For some reason I thought everyone knew that??

First is Carola's son's t shirt quilt.

He is in the Air Force now:)

Turned out really nice:)

Another Carola masterpiece:)

She saw the picture of the happy couple and decided to make it:)

I did feathers on both sides:)

Fun backing!

Kathi D made this one... her biggest for the Fair and Rodeo.

Had fun quilting it!

It used a jelly roll:)

I quilted everywhere except the black leading areas. They really popped!

Sue made this with fabrics her granddaughter picked.

She just wanted loops in pink.

Sweet backing!

Elaine made... okay cut 3 Halloween panels and I quilted them.

Just loops all over. She will mail out after getting them bound:)

Finished the November Bertie:) I also have the hanger so will try and remember to post a picture of October hanging.

Brenda had this Turning Twenty done for awhile:)

Love the blues and yellows together! Just looped and finished for her.

Monica dropped off the Officer's Wives Raffle quilt so figured I would get it quilted up right away:)

All the gals made one block and Megan put it all together.

This is the first Patriotic one. They usually do a Christmas themed quilt. They sell tickets and giveaway at their Bazaar in November.

The back.

I am home most of the coming week so hoping to make another dent in the pile:) Of course when one goes out more come in:) I do like that!!!!

The weather has been absolutely lovely!!!! The windows are open most of the day and all the kitties are loving the "live" tv shows:)

Have an amazing week!!!!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Another beautiful quilt!!!!

Well this was a short week with Guild, lunch out and Bee but did get 1 quilt finished:)
I did go a little overboard with pictures:) But I did want  you to see all of it:)

                                        It is the Vintage Compass Quilt made by Gayle:)

First I pinned on the design wall... the hexies are peeking on the left:)

Love how it turned out!!!

I had started with a darker thread and absolutely hated it so spent most of last weekend taking... um ripping it out:(

The center is perfect!!!! Love how the curve in the dark turquoise make it move:)

The back... lots of quilting!

These are draped over the quilter.... the light shows the quilting better I think? But you can't see the whole quilt.

Now you can see the 1/2 feathers in the brown border.

Well back to the wrong colored thread. I started with a new spool but I knew I wouldn't have enough so ordered more and it came in 3 days:) Yea!!!!

The center.... just awesome!

The backing again.... you can really see the quilting on it now:)

I also did finish the October block of the Bertie months:) The hangar arrived but I have to find a place to hang it:) November is almost finished too:)

Well plan to watch football... yes I do enjoy the game:) And work on the hexie quilt all afternoon. Am home almost all week so plan to have more finished customer quilts to show you:)

Have a grand week!!!!

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Fall has arrived... for a few days anyway:)

It has been such lovely weather the past few days! We had a cold front come in and bring some rain and cooler temps. Of course they will gradually go up but we are thankful for whatever we get!

Hubby and I ran away yesterday to Austin to pick up one of my machines... she needed her checkup:) Then I played with the new Bernina 880. All I can say is WOW!!!!! I SO want the machine.... I did say want not need:) I keep reminding myself that! I have decided to sell my 6 needle Brother PR620 with cabinet and other goodies. So if you are interested please email me:) There is nothing wrong with it ... I just don't use it as much as I thought I would. I still have my Bernina 165 that embroiders so won't be totally without when it sells.... or I could get that 880:) ha ha!!!!

Not too many pictures this week but once you see what I worked on all week you will understand why:)

This is Becky's Glacier Star.

I had SO much fun quilting this one:)

She kinda let me play:) I searched Pinterest and online to see what other people did and then kinda changed it to what I really liked.

Lot's of ruler work and small swirls and pebbles:)

The back is just as pretty!
This is one I want to keep:) ha ha!!!!
I have a Judy Neimeyer pattern but have never tried it.... it's on my to do list:)

The one on the frame is the Vintage Compass by Judy. So of course there won't be too many pictures next week either:) I hope to get it done but I have a few appointments during the week so may not:(

Ya'll enjoy the rest of the week!!!!

Sunday, September 6, 2015

I hate ragweed!!!!!

Well by the title you know I am having allergy problems this week:( ugh!!!! It went from Chenopods to Ragweed and high numbers at that:( So I am taking allergy meds every 3 hours. After 3 days of blah I am starting to perk up! I guess the old body is getting used to the ragweed? Well as long as I can get back to quilting soon I will be happy!!!

Didn't get much done this week but here is what I did.....

I forgot to post these BOM from last week... I think there are only 2 more months to go:)

Also finished this wall hanging.

Ok now to quilting from this week.....

I had started this one and finally finished this week... remember I needed a new foot and thread guide? This is the back.....

And here is the beautiful front of Erlene's Nines and Vines quilt.

She always lets me play so I had some fun!

This is Dolly's daughter's ranch name.... Diamond L.

She did a great job designing it with the twister pattern!

I just looped it as she wanted something very simple.

This is on the frame now... once the head fog clears I will be back at it....

 The hexie rows are all made now I am hand sewing them all together. Not sure if I want to hand quilt or long arm it yet?
This is a birthday gift for a special friend:)

Yes that is chalkboard fabric. Not hard to sew just have to remember to use a walking foot:)

Have an awesome week!!!!