March 22

Ok just noticed it has been almost 2 weeks since I have posted. But I have been busy:)
I have been quilting Marylyn's Stitchers Garden quilt and it was on the frame for a didn't quilt on it everyday. Life got in the way. It is finished and shown below:) she did an awesome job on it!!!! She even made yoyo's for it!!!!!!!! It is a fun quilt to quilt for me because I get to play in all the borders!
Ok back to life. Was heading to my first new "bee" mtg and got a flat:( So had to replace 2 front tires. Didn't make it to the mtg:(
This week we were lucky enough to get rain.... 6 inches of it in about 24 hours. Needless to say the studio got watered too:( So I had to suck 2 1/2 steam cleaner buckets of water out of the major damages. The cabinets and bookcase has a little water damage on the  bottom. Thank God as I was locking up for the day I put the batting roll on the quilter as it would of been damaged! I am getting to where I put everything up that is close to the front of the bldg just in case:)
Then yesterday I had to have the oldest of my cats put to sleep. She was getting VERY ill and at 18 I wasn't going to go to extreme measures:( So then to deal with the depression I quilted:) I had 4 baby quilts to do and got 3 done:) Also one got bound. I usually don't take pics of those unless they are extrordinary!So today I am catching up on my sewing...I am working on a Pumpkin BOM, a snowman BOM, and a row quilt swap. That should keep me out of trouble today:)

Loop Meandered this Civil War colored Flimm Flamm quilt for Sandra. Love the colors!

 Great yoyo in this pic!
 Love all the little border places to play!
 Redwork Easter from Bird Brain Designs. Yup all hand stitched and hubby painted the frame for me:)
 This is Crabapple Hill new design " All My Eggs in One Basket". All handstitched and colored:)
 These are tealights from Embroidery Garden and stitched out on the embroidery machine.
 This is  a Crabapple Hill design also. It is her Spring pillow pattern. Yes once again all hand stitched. The green leaves are felted wool. Sure is purty!
This is my ride:) Madeline Has a new decoration on her door:) She is spiffy now and advertising for me!


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