I think Summer has arrived!

It is finally....sadly....staying in the lower 90's now so I guess Spring is officially over. I know the calendar doesn't say that but the thermometer does.
I have been busy with the Primaries so not too much getting done.....yes there has been:)
We finished the kitchen cabinets this past weekend but have one little place to repair before we can put back in place so no pics until that is done.

I did get a few quilts done:)

 This is a baby blanket for a special baby girl due next month. It is a cute panel. I just loved the red headed girl!

 This is Christines quilt....she is big UT fan....as a lot of us are:) And he is a huge Cowboy fan. Kinda like at my house:)  I just loop meandered all over it. Love it!

 This is Dot's Patriotic block exchange from her little sewing group. Did a lot of stippling....Dot's fav:) Loved the border and sashing she picked!

This is Marylyn's Gdaughters from China Springs graduation gift. It is a tshirt quilt. Took a pic of my favorite block!

Daughter will be here next week for  2 weeks and the election is next week so don't worry if you don't hear from me for a few weeks:)
Happy Stitching!


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