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Saturday, April 13, 2013

April 13, 2013

Hello all:)

What a beautiful day today!!!! Have been working in the yard today! Got all the leaves mowed up and the flower beds cleaned out:) I have planted all my flowers.... silk so I don't have to worry about water rationing again this year. My annuals have their friend soaker hose by them so that is ready:) One of my Hydrangea are starting to get the little bundles of buds:) Now if it just won't freeze!

Don't know where the week went but after the Miracle Tour concert last Sun but I had a concert hangover on Mon so that day was gone! It was an amazing spitual concert!!! Found Josh Wilson's music to my liking:) I already had Colton's CD and some Third Day but did get their new one:)
There is another concert on the horizon so waiting to see if Joan wants to go:) She is moving in June sometime so need to get as many in as we can:)

Also had my Bee get together on Fri. What a fun bunch of ladies!  We are teh Sew Creatives.I started a new twister project... pic is below:)

I did some quilting of a few of my items... I only had 15 in my closet for me??? Now I have 11. Donated one to the quilt Show auction and another top for the Country store. Funny how what we liked 10 years ago we don't now:)
This is the Twister all bound and quilted. It is on the back of my couch... baies are enjoying it:)

This is the Halloween Boot from Crabapple Hill. I put a sleeve on the back to hang Halloween:) I am not behind... I am ahead for this year:)

Closeup of the quilting:) Funny how I am not as careful and more free with my items:)

This is my next Lil Twister I am working on.....

Was doing the Spring Blog Hop and won this from Teri of the blog Handwerx picked me!!!!! YEA!!!!!! I got to pick my prize from Sublime Stitching...this is what I picked:

Love the case!!!!There is a  nice pair of scissors in the leather holder, needles and 2 packs of labels:) Totally Awesome!!!1
Thanks again!

Be sure to check them out at

Ok there haven't been any baby pics in awhile:)
That is Jax on the left and Gemma on the right. KoKo is in the middle:)

Ok tried to move this but no luck so you get to read it here.....

Hello Nana:)

Oh look there is a bird!!!!!!
This is where it is suppose to be:)
Technology sometimes drives me crazy!!!!
Oh I was informed my comments were off??? Ok I think I have them back on. Please leave a comment so I can check:)
Have an awesome week and Happy Sewing!!!


Barb said...

Wow, you are the stitchery!

Rosemary said...

Yea, I figured it out. Now I can comment. Hate it that I am so computer illiterate. Love your quilting and your work.

Lisa said...

Ta dah you fixed it Lou! Love the colors on the quilt! So glad to be able to complement you.