Feb 8, 2014

Hello everybody!

We have absolutely beautiful weather today and tomorrow and then back to wet and cold:( We had a bit of ice here this past week but nothing closed.

Wish I could spend time outside but I know the cedar will attack me and I will be sick for a few days so I will stay indoors:(

I did get some quilting done this week:

Miss Ruby dropped off 2 cross stitch quilts for me so far this year:)

Beautiful butterflies!

You can see my quilting on the back. I followed the printed lines and then went around the larger butterflies.

Hummingbirds this time!

Once again followed the printed lines and then went around the hummingbird and the flowers.

The back:)
This is Coralla's first quilt to be quilted with a longarm. She usually does hers with her domestic machine.

I played with a loop and double bubble.

Had a lot of fun!!!!

Beverly wanted me sew a top for her and brought me all the fabrics and pattern. Got that done so now it's in line for quilting. Any ideas?
It was SO cold Waldo found that the warmest spot was on top of the electric fireplace:) Smart!
Hope you all have a sewtastic week!!!!!


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