March 2, 2014

Yea it's March!!!!! Boo it's still Winter! It was an absolutely gorgeous day yesterday!!!! Well you know what happened right? Colder than ???? today! The cold front came through and brought rain last night. The temp has been dropping all day and will stop at 20 in the morning with a wind chill of 3. Is that crazy or what???? There was a 30 degree drop in 30 min today:( UGH!!!! Just makes me want to curl up on the couch with a quilt and a good book!
Went to the dentist on Thursday. He has referred me to a specialist as he thinks I will need either a root canal or they may pull the tooth.There are a bunch of micro fractures all over the tooth. I am hoping for the pulling... will def save $! On the good news part I only have one cavity:) haha!!!!

I did get a few things quilted in between the appts and emb work for my friend Pat. She is making a retirement wallhanging for her SIL. He is retiring after 31 years and 18 days:)  I emb all his duty stations. I will get to quilt it too and then will post a picture of it. Pat has a great plan for it using his patches and pins:) Oh and there will be a few pictures too:)

Ok now onto my pictures:

Up first is Gayle's baby quilt.


Love the backing fabrics!

Beverly's is finally finished!

She brought me the fabrics and the pattern for this quilt. The fabrics were flannel, corduroy, and velveteen.

Here is a picture of the back... yup there were some feathers:)

Happy Birthday to the GREAT State of Texas! It was on March 2, 1836 that Texas became a Republic.
Have great week!!! Stay warm wherever you are!


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