March 9, 2014

It is So true that March comes in like a lion!

But not so much weather wise but life wise. I had a lovely... not!... root canal on Thursday. They took the broken piece out so I have a jagged tooth packed with cotton and some sealer until the 19th. Ok I would not wish a root canal on anybody!!! Not even my worst enemy... which thank goodness I have none:)And they may still not be able to save the tooth... depends on if the other crack is too bad to fill and place a crown on. My crown will have sapphires and diamonds on it for sure!

So I lost 3 days of sewing and quilting because of this tooth:( I am back to whatever my normal is:) But unfortunately my hubby caught that stomach virus that is going around:( Poor guy!!! I had him locked in his bedroom until he started feeling better and then went in with a hasmat outfit and Lysoled and bleached everything:) He is back in bed...

So I only got a little quilting done this week:(

This is Sarah's beautiful Dresden Plate lap quilt for her mom:)

Almost didn't give it back to her:)

All free motion quilting:)

This is a baby quilt from Sherry.

Just did loops all over. So soft and cuddly!

Minky on the back:)

Another baby quilt from Sherry.

I did a little bit more quilting on this one. The pups are SO sweet!

Minky on the back again:)
I promise there will be more next week:) I did the baby quilts yesterday:)
I have Whooolala ready for the show this week:) I drop her off on Wed and then the show is Friday and Saturday. She will also be going to Scott and White hospital for display from May to August. The kids will love her!
Have an awesome week!!!


Needled Mom said…
Good luck with the tooth. I hope they can salvage it. Your quilting looks beautiful.
Barb said…
Love the quilts! Good luck with the tooth

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