Januaury 6, 2012

HI all:)

Seems weird to be writing 2012. Do you realize how less often we actually write the year let alone the date on anything anymore? I only write one check a month to the City for water since they still charge for the convenience of direct payments from Credit cards:( Do ya'll still write dates on anything???

Well I am writing today mostly because I am all caught up on quilting so am heading on a road trip starting tomorrow. I am heading to McNeill, MS to see my daughter and her hubby.

Of course I will have to stop in Conroe to visit the ladies at the Quilters Quarters. And in Lafayette to visit at Borne Quilter. Found 2 more in New Orleans I am hoping to visit on a day trip. And of course need to go to Ocean Springs to Threadneedle Street and then walk all the little shops there:)
On the way home MUST stop in at Lone Star Quiltworks in Bryan....yes I know it's Aggie land and I am a Longhorn fan but I will go into hostile country for a quilt store:) hahaha!!!

I may get to post a few more pictures of older quilts I have quilted today if I get the time....you know packing, washing, lists for hubby:) If not I will check in after I get back:)

Happy Stitching!


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