Jan 15, 2013

Hi !

I have been following a blog hop that is asking the bloggers to use words to describe themselves in their projects. Pretty neat ideas but made me think my word this year will be Thankful. I am thankful for family, friends, health and even thankful for hateful people, traffic, computer software problems and everything in between! Finished reading a book and it really opened my eyes to Thankfullness. It was called Prison to Praise by Merlin Carothers.

Ok the quilting bug is biting so had to quilt a customer quilt yesterday:) Have a Project Linus loaded for this afternoon.

The frame is not yet in Texas due to snow:( She is coming from Iowa. Then we have to plan a setup date with Missy and my schedule. Good luck with that:) haha!!!

Ok here are pics of the sewing I have been doing to pass the time...

Well okay it won't let me load pics again:( I know I have the memory to do it but the little button is not coming up to upload.

Alrighty then I guess pics will come later:(

Happy Sewing!!!!!!!


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