Jan 23, 2013

Hello everyone!!!!
As you can see the picture function is working again:) Yea!!!!

Alrighty then! This is another..... yes another twister quilt I made....still needs quilting:)

This is a cool technique I found a new ruler for while visiting shops in Florida. The ruler is called "Double Diamond Ruler". Way easy to make.... This is just a sample piece to give it a try.

                                     Here is the pumpkin BOM all done except for a border.....

Here it is with the new diamond border...beautiful!!!!!!!!
                                                      Closeup of quilt with border on it:)

One of the piles of fleece blankets I cut, slit and then crocheted the borders on for Project Linus. I have another pile that big to go today:) These I did on the trip in the car. There is nothing but pine trees from AL to Daytona Beach.

 Here are a few pieces of the quilt I am working on now in 30's fabrics. Yes the fabrics will all be from my stash so that means it's free right??? The pattern is called Aunt Grace's Garden Party BOM.

                                                             And here is the row finished:)
Ok this is my....yes really my.... Poppy quilt hanging  in the studio:) It was THE last quilt to be quilted on the Hinterberg Stretch frame.

  This is Linda's fall exchange block quilt from a few years ago. I have quilted a few of these already:)
                                         These pics are closeups of some of the quilting I did.

Here is  a pic of the old frame.........

                                                      And TADA!!!!!! New frame:)
There is a Project Linus quilt loaded for  today so I can get a bit of practice in before I do a customer quilt:)

Poor Gemma!! She had surgery last Thursday and has to wear the cone until Mon so she doesn't take the staples out. No babies coming from her!!!!!!

Jax is laying with the oldest member of my little zoo. His name is Fluffy. He is 19 years old and totally blind but in pretty good health. Jax is his buddy! Jax will not help with babies either but he recovered really fast!

That's all from here right now!
Happy sewing!!!!!!


Scrapatches said…
I love your twister heart and I want to make one of these. I have not made a twister, yet. I think I can figure it out. Thanks for the photos,

I love your quilty kitties, too. I would not be able to sew without my quilty kitties.

Thanks, also, for stopping by my blog and leaving a kind comment ... :) Pat

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