Feb 17, 2013

Hello one and all:)

What a whirl wind week it has been here!!!! Hasn't stopped since I got home and there is no end in sight!

Not much customer quilting being done this week. Did get one baby quilt done and have a big one still loaded and waiting to be finished. Life has gotten in the way once again:(

My Fil is in the hospital in Fl so hubby flew down and will stay until he is well enough to travel. He and his sister want to bring both parents back to Texas so we can care for them...they are finally on board. They are both almost 87.

Of course I can't do anything from here except pray and get their house ready for them. They live next door when they are here which is real handy now! My work will come after they arrive...... I am thankful to have them as inlaws and will do everything I can for them:)

Ok now on to the fun stuff!

Well with Valentine's Day there were gifts to be made:) This is my grand daughters shirt I emb with mylar...too cute!!!

  My son told me when they went out to lunch on Val Day she kept telling everyone "Bear".  Too sweet!!!!

These were gifts for the lunch bunch:) Embroidery Garden Owl Notepads:)
Never knew there was a giraffe owl:) haha!!!!

This is the one customer quilt I got quilted this week. This is Elaine's.
                                         Made Pooh's fur swiry:)

                                   Gotta love Tigger!!!! Woo Hoo!

I did have time to participate in a blog hop before I left for the retreat all about Dreden Plates and I won!!! These are the goodies I received this week in the mail from Ellie Q from Color My World  http://lovetocolormyworld.blogspot.com
Thank you SO much!!!!! The blogs are fun and I win sometimes but mostly I get inspired!

Here is a picture of a stray we are feeding and named Bully as he likes to beat up our in/out cat Buster.

Today I am emb a bunch of plain fleece blankets Pat and Shelley crocheted around. Pat says make then pretty so I am:) Will take a pic and post next time!

Happy sewing!!!!!


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