Feb 10, 2013

Wow what a week!!!! I have NEVER sewed, ate or laughed that much in a long long time!!!! Where was I you ask? I was at the Sitchin Heaven bunkhouse with 10 of my sewing sisters:) This was my first but SO not my last retreat!!!! In fact there is another planned for July:)

This is the Bunkhouse

                                                The signs outside:)
    I walked everyday about 3 miles and took a few pics of things I saw.

           This is the gate house of the man who discovered Astroturf.

                                         A beautiful blooming tree.
                                      True Longhorns!!!  Hook 'Em!

        Itty Bitty twister Heart. Hung it up to the 5" square Twister heart:)
      My cat panel lap throw. Have had these in my stash at least 3 years:)
                                          Bright and bold colors!!!

              My Black and white Twister quilt:) Love the border!!!

                                              My 30's quilt row    
 My Lil Twister cross...just need to cut with the ruler...excited to see this one finished!

Ok now some sewing pics.
 This is Diane and Shelley in a deep conversation about machine embroidery:)
                               Pauline and Brenda giving us the thumbs up!

Rosemary and Veretta sewing away!!!!!

                        Diane and Veretta giving a t-shirt necklace class. Renee, Pauline, Brenda, Rosemary, Alice and Shelley are good students!

      Dinah taking pictures and me taking a picture of Dinah:) haha!!!

                              Stretch those strips! Alice is getting into it!

Mary decided not to make one along with Dinah and myself. She was watching to be sure they did it right!

Oh and we did shop a bit. At Stitching Heaven and Needle Works in Mineola. And in Athens on the way home at Needle Niche.

Well back to reality this week!!!
Happy Sewing!


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