Feb 2, 2013

Wow it's Feb!?! Ok where is January??? Yes I was busy but still......

I am off next week to Quitman Texas to a quilting retreat at Stitchin Heaven's Bunkhouse. There are 11 of us going and I have 6 projects packed to work on:) Hope to get a few done anyway!!!!! This is a first for me so I am really excited!!!!

Here is what I have been working on this past week....

Oh by the way Dazi is loving the new frame!!!!

This is Theresa's quilt her mother made out of all her jumpers. Theresa is a recently retired teacher and she had all these jumpers her mother had made so instead of donating them she has a quilt with all the memories:)
She let me play:)

This is Maleah's Baby Seuss blanket with a minkee type of backing:)

I just loop meander all over it:) Too sweet!!!

This is also Maleah's. It used a charm pack. How clever!

She always lets me play:)

Looks kinda like a garden.

This is Gayle's Storm at Sea made for a friend at the coast.
She told me to Lou it:) haha!!! Is that a stitch?

Nice on the back too!

Ok not quilting but one of hubby's coworkers killed a beautiful Rattlesnake and then cured the skin. It was SO pliable and nice to work with. 
I lined it with thin leather and then covered the back of the hat band with brown paper and sewed the ends together. The velcro would only stitck to the paper side not the skin side. He was happy so I am too:)

                                     This is Gayle's log cabin quilt:)
I did a feather panto in a lightweight red thread.....just turned out beautiful!!!!

Love that border fabric!!!!

This is the back:) I have fat of that!

Well that is all for now:) Have a great week and I am sure I will have a few stories to tell when I get back!

Happy Stitches!!!


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