March 30,2013

Happy Easter to you:) I know it's not till tomorrow but wanted to get a jump :) on it. Not a fan of it coming in March but then I have no control over that.

This has been an off week for me:( I really have not been in the mood to do much mostly read or hand work and watch TV. Guess I am in a slump of sorts:( Maybe if the sun would shine a bitmore?????

I did get one customer quilt done and a bit of sewing for me but mostly errands, sewing with friends and reading. I finished Killing Kennedy written by Bill O'Reilly, facinating book! His Killing Lincoln was also good:)

Ok a few pictures and then back to reading:) I am on book 10 of James Patterson's Women's club series...all are good!

This is Dot's first hand applique project:) She did an awesome job! Dot also let me quilt a different background fill besides stipple. I mean you do love your stippling:) It was a gerat change for me:)

She did say she liked the back better than the front too:)

Ok so I found these really amazing quilt blocks on Sew Kind Of Wonderful blog. They use her curve ruler and are SO much fun to make!!!!

I am going to redo this one as my points are WAY WAY off!

This is the center row of the 30's quilt we are working on. All the flowers, leaves, and handle are hand appliqued.

OOPS how did he get down here? Oh well a great block to sign off after:)

Have a Happy Easter and I hope you find all the eggs you hid:)
Happy Stitching!


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