May 4, 2013

Hey hey hey it's May:) ha ha!!!!

Was a fast and furious week with lots of things going on and the weather was unpredictable! Was 87 on Wed and then the high for Thurs was 56 and that was right at midnight? Wow!!!! The main thing was no snow!!!! We broke lots of records! I do remember an Easter where we built a snow bunny.......

                                          This was in April 2007.

Ok enough fun! Here are my accomplishments for the week:)

                                  First up is Christina's Star quilt

I really played with my newly learned feathers from Angela Walters class on Craftsy:)

Love the swirls in the surrounding blocks:)

Here is the back.... too awesome!

Ok new customer that needed a Bday gift for his wife.... the next day! Men!!! He had just gotten the chairs in and while I was at it could I make his too:) Sure!

So had to make labels instead of stitching directly on the chairs as they did not come apart.

He was happy so I was too:)

Embroidery on a baby quilt top. Cam needs to bring the rest so I can get it quilted for her:)

This is Twiner. He looks like our Buster so that's his name. He is a stray that eats here twice a day:) We think he may be Gemma's daddy? He is really sweet !

My 30's BOM is finished!!! Yea!!!!! Turned out really cute so now need to find a backing and then get it quilted:) Oh yea I do that:)

Another block from Sew Kind of Wonderful. Her blocks just go together SO well when you read the directions:) And my friends know I usually don't read directions:)

Another project I am working on. I bought the Truffles kit in Athens on the way back from the retreat. I am about 1/2 way through. Usually you emb the designs and then sew the blocks but in this one you sew the blocks and then emb. Yes by hand!

Have a few more emb projects to get out for customers:) Funny how since Bree has arrived that part has picked up? Oh well as long as I can make the payments I am happy:)
Happy Sewing!!!


Sims Rosemary said…
Am so envious you have your Aunt Grace done and I don't. Looking forward to seeing your Truffles finished.
Carrie P. said…
Wow! your star quilt is fabulous! Love your 30's quilt. Congrats on your finishes.
Thanks for coming by my blog during the bird blog hop. I like Cardinals and Hummingbirds too. We see a lot of them around our place. good luck in the giveaway.

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