Sept 1 2013

Ok where the heck did August go???? I will probably be asking that when Oct gets here too! Time does get faster as you get older... not that I am describing myself in any form:) ha ha!
Has been another busy and adventurous week with the in laws. I have never in my life been to Walmart or the mall this many times in a single week.... I don't think even as a kid???? There has to be other places old.... umm  people go??? If you have some awesome suggestions please lmk!
I did get some quilting done and have been working hard today but those pictures will be for next week:) I am SO grateful for Labor day as hubby can give me an extra day off this week:) yea!
Ok so onward with some stunning photography:)

This may be the last quilt top that Mrs Taylor made. It is for her Great grand daughter to be born in Oct.

I was honored to quilt it for the family.

My friend Pat picked the backing... so bright and beautiful. She will also do the binding for it:)
This is a Breast Cancer memorial quilt. I forgot to take a picture of the label I machine embroidered for her but it was beautiful:)

The ribbon was her first attempt at needle turn applique and she did an awesome job! I quilted my teardrop filler all around it so it really stands out:)

The borders were freehand and the rail fence was Maggie's Rose panto and then I echoed it to fill in so I wouldn't have a half of a rose in it.

Just turned out beautiful!!!!

Had hubby hold it up so you could see it all.

Leigh has made another Texas flag. I think this one is for the Officer Wives bazaar.

Toes in the Sand BOM's . I am really enjoying this BOM. There is enough fabric leftover to probably make a second one:)
Pat's grand daughter Peyton has a birthday in Oct so the shirt is ready:)

Pat also needed a giraffe on a fleece blanket. She is a true giraffe lady:)
Well I better get back to quilting. I have a first. The customer wants 2 Army wool blankets as the batting. Will let you know how it goes next week:)
Enjoy your holiday if you get it and if not have  a terrific week:)


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