Oct 27, 2013

Hi everybody:)
What glorious weather we have been having! No A/C all week:) Yee Haw!!!! This is unusual for us Texans! We usually go from A/C to heater all in one day:) Had a big storm come through at  2 this morning and we got 1 1/8 inches of rain:) Poor KoKo was SO scared she came to bed with me:)
This is the loudest storm we've had in awhile.
I have awesome news.... 6 mores days and the in laws will be on the road:) Not that I am excited or anything but I bet there will be some happy dancing next Sunday:) :)
Got some quilting done this week and am SO looking forward to quilting during the week instead of cramming it all in 2 days!
Not going to Houston this year... with the in laws leaving I guess I should stay here plus my BFF's can't go so I will save $ and stay home:( I will go next year for sure... come in laws or not:) haha!!!
Ok some pictures are now needed:)
This is Dolly's Thangles Buck a Block quilt.

Love the fabrics!!! She let me play so each block is different:)

Here is the backing...

You can see some of my playing:)

This is also Dolly's. I call it the Amish Star but am unsure of the actual name. I took the pictures outside.

Love of curvy things and feathers!

Another view.

Closeup of the star.

Backing taken outside.

         Backing taken inside. You can really see all the quilting!!!
Stash enhancement:) Connecting Threads had their solids for .99 a fat so stocked up for 2 projects:)

This is Maleah's Dot quilt.

Just looped all over.

Love the leftover backing:)

This is Maleah's Selvages quilt.

What a fun!
Here is her backing... hard to see the quilting but it was all freehand:)
Hope everyone has a Happy Halloween!!!! Will be a quiet one here as hubby will take MIL to last Bingo:) Wish I could make the smile MUCH larger!


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