Oct 13, 2013

Hate these allergies!!!! Now that Cedar is back in the count my head is in the clouds:( In fact yesterday I was putting 2 dinner plates away and dropped them on the counter. SMASH! After I cleaned it all up I looked at my 3 week old Galaxy 4 phone and it got smashed too:( Darn! Good thing we got the insurance! should be getting a new one hopefully on Tuesday since Mon is a holiday. Needless to say I was a danger to myself and others so the reclincer and I were VERY good friends all day:)
Feeling somewhat better today but not even 80% yet so will be friends with the recliner yet another day:(
We did get almost 4 inchs of rain last night:) yea!!!! I am sure the barometric pressure added to my brain instability!

Ok so I did get something quilted last weekend:

This is Pat's King size quilt:) She is givng it to her son for Christmas.

I used the Longhorn, Texas, Cowboy Hat panto on it.

Looks really good:)

I bought some fabric therapy and it came in this week:) The barcelona was from Etsy.... my new go to! And the Pearls were from Fat Qtr Shop.

                              These are called Skinny pincushions from Green Bee Patterns. It is a free pattern:) I made a bunch to share with my Bee and the rest are going to the church bazaar. All used scraps:) Didn't even make a dent though:(

This is Benjum's monster because it is his sister's bday gift:) I made it on the emb machine. It was a free design from Emboidery Garden. Love her designs!
The crayon caddy on the right is Peyton Bday gift:) The one on the left will be Haydens on her bday in March.

Opens up to hold crayons, paper pad, and stickers in a pocket behind the pad:)
Hope you all have a great week! Will try to get something done to show next weekend:)


Lori Beth said…
Peyton and Benjamin both love your beautiful, thoughtful, homemade gifts! Peyton did take the stickers out and immediately put them with her other stickers, she understands that things need to be put away! Thank you!

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