Oct 6, 203

October... what the heck???? Halloween, Thanksgiving and then Christmas is just around the corner! Better get busy:)

Was pretty warm here until about 11 yesterday when a glorious cold front blew in:) yea!!!! 50's this morning and only upper 70's for the high:) The house and studio are open and the allergens are coming in but also all the wonderful fresh air!!!! Yippee!!!!! Love this weather!!!!

The in laws had a really nice 65th anniversary day on Tues. My SIL came and stayed until Friday so I was on furlough for a few days:) yea for me!!! I got quite  a bit done in the studio and got caught up on my errands:) Then back to the regular scheduled program:( They are making plans to go back to Florida after the 23rd... he has blood work scheduled that day. I don't think they are really able to make the trip back but they are grownups with their own minds:) My SIL will be driving them back and then staying for a bit.

Ok so lots of pictures:)
First up is Dolly's Batik Star:) I did feathers in the borders and my paisley fill around the stars.

She let me play so I did straight lines on the Irish chain parts so they cross on the middle blocks.
The backing shows the feathers:)

Jill is my modern quilter:) Love when she comes up with ideas I am really skeptical about but turn out beautiful!

Take the quilting on this one. She wanted me to use Featherization panto and pumpkin colored thread? What???

                                     Well it turned out just awesome!!!!
Here is the backing fabric... love it!

Shelley made a Christmas quilt for her daughter:)

 I did freehand loops and holly leaves all over except the borders where she wanted fancy stitching:)
Closeup of a holly leaf. I tried to put them in the plain fabric:)

Backing fabric.

This is the twister I taught her at the retreat in Feb.

Love quilting them!

                                            Backing fabric:)

Ok a bad picture of my belly... this is what happens to your shirt when you have red fleece as the backing fabric:) Love all my threads?

Mary made this for a gift.

You can really see the fun I had on the backing:) This is where the red fleece came from.

  Elaine's tree quilt with just loops all over.

She made a raffle quilt for Christmas for her family. They all get to put their name in the hat and the one pulled will get the quilt:) No need to make a ton of quilts:)
Love the backing fabric!

This is Cheryl's first quilt.

She started hand quilting it but needed it a lot faster so I got to quilt, trim and bind it for her.

Haven't used store bought binding in like forever:)
Got my Thanksgiving group all finished:) They have been stitched and hanging for about 6 months... even had the backing fabric:) They are filled with Cluster Fill and sand in the base so they stand.

                        My Native Americans:) Love the fishing pole.
                 There are all kinds of buttons and fancy threads used.
My Pilgrims... the picture makes their heads look lopsided but they aren't!

And of course Mr. Turkey. He even has a few fall leaves in front of him:)
My house is all decorated for Fall and this weather makes it feel like Fall so I guess I am ready:)
Have a SEW wonderful week!!!!


Lisa said…
Lovely quilts and quilting! What a great idea about a Christmas giveaway!

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