Nov 23, 2013

WOW what a difference a day makes in Texas weather!

When we went to bed on Thurs it was 76 with the A/C on it was So humid! Then when we got up Friday we had to turn the heater on as it was 37! BBRRR!!! Hasn't gotten much warmer than that since:( May have wintery mix tomorrow night into Monday. Yuck! This is not normal for Texas! We don't get this stuff until late January... Not sure what's going on!

I did get some quilting done along with some socializing this week:) Have to keep sane somehow since I haven't eaten any chocolate in almost 6 weeks. I can also post a few pics that I hinted about last week since the people have received them:)

Ok here goes.....
Happy Birthday again Delyte:) I stitched out a Sammy on a sweatshirt for her:)

This is a hand emb wall hanging that is finished except for the quilting:)

Yup she is mine!

Fun pillow cases Lori Beth made for her kids for Christmas! I got to emb their names:) Love the lime green one!!! May have to make me one:)

Lori Beth made this beautiful quilt for Benjamin's big bed.

Love the colors and did Deb's Swirls Panto on it in a blue thread.

She used the scraps on the back. SO love when people do that! 

His new bed will be there next week and the quilt will be ready too:) Love when things work out!
Leigh brought me a Chevron to quilt. I love Chevrons! This is a Moda Bakeshop pattern

She let me play:)

I did feathers in the colored section.

Here is her backing. Great fabrics!

Karen has a grandson that is a big Bruins fan.... Ice Hockey if you didn't know:)
She machine emb the B's.

This B was a huge iron on. Sure made the quilt! I got to quilt and bind this one:)

Ruby made another beautiful X stitch lap quilt!

Just beautiful!

I used my curve ruler and went around all the rings and then just followed the stamped designs in the centers.

The back really shows all the work:)

Found these in my ufo box and finished them:) May just put these on a little tree for Christmas as we aren't going all out this year with the babies never having been around a tree before:)

My Toes in the Sand BOM's.

This is what my backyard looks like after the cold front blew in and knocked a lot of leaves off! Beautiful!
We did have a new Vet appt this week. Mine closed after me going there 32 years:( I think I had a harder time then the babies did. Gemma was nice and quiet the whole trip but oh my Jax howled like I have never heard! Poor dude was totally traumatized! He is ok now:)

                          Here they are waiting patiently for Dr Hughes.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!! We are staying in and having a nice quiet day... oh there is football of course:) ha he!


Lori Beth said…
Lou! Benjamin's quilt is beautiful. I have been home for about 90 minutes and am almost finished with the binding. I am washing it TODAY! The pillowcases are PERFECT! You are amazing. (I still have some of the green left, you just say the word and you've got yourself a little pillow case or pillow!)
What beautiful projects! I love hand embroidery so those are my favorites. :) blessings, marlene

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