Nov 9, 2013

Whoo Hoo!!!!! I am in law free!!!!! What a great week and weekend!!!!!
Yes I have been doing the Happy dance:) Almost had them back as FIL had to go into the VA hospital for a problem that he had when he left but wouldn't go see a Dr here about. I guess we don't have any Dr's here:) SIl suggested she bring them back.... NO!!!!!! He felt better and off they went:) Hallelujah!
So I got to get back into my routine:)
Here is what I have been working on all week....
This is Dolly's undulating Irish Chain.

Had fun "playing" :)

Here is the back... lots of stops and starts.

This is Leigh's Christmas Panel quilt.

She wanted deb's swirls panto in gold thread.

Just stunning! This is the backing.

This is Ruby's cross stitched baby blanket.

Followed the suggested quilting and added a bit more:)

Here is the back:)

This is what I have been working on for a few weeks. It is now ready to be quilted. The owls were knitted by my friend Karin for my Bday in June. They needed a nice colorful home:) They are just pinned in the head... ouch... right now:)

Finally got some Bree time!!!!
Sad news... our local quilt shop is closing:( The owner is retiring... again:) ha ha! Bought a few things but really don't need anything at this time... I know I will kick myself later. She only has a 10% markdown right now but I had a GC so wanted to use it up:)
Have ana awesome week!!!! May have to turn heater up next week.... freezing temps are a coming!


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