June 14, 2014

Okay I have absolutely no idea where this week went! Seems as if running  households makes the day go by even faster!
Had some storms come through Thursday night but just got an inch of rain.
This morning it was wet out and we got another 1/2 inch. Need to mow but it keeps raining:( No sunshine yet to dry us out b everything is blooming and so green!
It was my first week on full time care of the inlaws. Bad day Tuesday but that was due to lack of sleep on my part. I was weepy... hate when that happens! Wwednesday took MIL to Dr. He sent us to ER so spent all day there. FIL stayed home:) After all the tests she had another or never got over her UTI that she had before the trip:( She has a follow up appt on the 23rd. Yesterday was her birthday and we all went to Red Lobster. They sang to her and she had a good time:) Yea!!! SIL is here for the weekend so I am getting caught up on a few things!
Should be a quiet week with just Bob going to the vet Wednesday and some of the girls taking me out for Birthday breakfast a few days early:)
My Hyrangeas are SO beautiful!

Did get a few things done this week:

This Andre's Christmas throw.

                              I quilted holy leaves and loops all over.
She also wanted me to make and sew the binding on. She will do handwork:)

Andre's Halloween quilt:)

Just loops all over.

Border had bigger loops and how lucky was I that they were in the orange backing fabric? Never happen again for sure!

Saw I haven't posted my A-Z snowmen blocks in awhile so here they are..

Have an awesome week!!!!


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