July 6, 2014

Surprise!!!! Yes I am still alive and kickin:)
Just been caring for the folks and quilting when I can.
Ran away last weekend to the farm house in Giddings. It was my bday gift to myself:) The girls and I had a grand time... lots of laughing, eating, and wine:)
MIL is doing WAY better!!! The Dr took her off 3 BP meds and now she is back with us:) She kept falling asleep... her bp was in the 80's:( No idea why her Dr did that to her. A second opinion is always good! She is going to Bingo and helping around the house. She also is dressing herself and doing her own hygeine:) yea!!!!
Now if we could get the FIL better we will be doing good! He is dizzy from his meds... has a bunch of specialist appts coming up so hopefully that will help. He is getting weaned off 1 BP med but it was replaced with another:(

Well this will be pretty picture heavy as I am cramming in 3 weeks of stuff:) Will try to be better on posting:)

Benjamin turned 2 in June and of course needed a bubble tshirt to wear with his bubble shorts his mom made for him. The larger tshirt is for Peyton since she needed a new shirt too:)

Shelley gave me 5 quilts to quilt:) This is Fields and Furrows. She bought the blocks on Ebay of all places:) They were made nicely and used Batik fabrics.

Beautiful day outside so there are shadows... I feathered the rows.

Here is the back.

More of the same blocks just set different.

More feathers:)

Even half feathers in the border:)

The back.

2 closeups.

Another one from Shelley.... Seagulls.

I did an all over panto of Deb's swirls... like swirling water or air currents from the wings.


Yes another one..... Topiary Tiles. It was/is a free Moda pattern.
Sorry about the sideways picture:(

I did an allover Curl'z and Feathers Pantograph.


Shelley's last one... Trip Around the World.
I did freehand quilting:)

Hope you can see it in the shadows?



This is Andre's Christmas quilt. Sorry it's sideways.

I got to play....

Backing and then I used the same fabric for the binding.

                                This is Karen B's red and white quilt.
She did an awesome job of piecing. I could really tell she is improving with every quilt I get. I tried new feathers in the border.....fun!


Saw this tutorial from Missouri Star before I left for Giddings last weekend. So MeMe's had everything 1/2 off so I bought a layer cake and have made more of these.... disappearing hourglass. FUN!
My BOM. Only 2 more months to go:)

Well the rest of this week is filling up with Home Health and Therapy appts for the in laws. SIL will be here Thursday so I get the weekend off. More quilting will be done. I will also run away with hubby on Saturday!

Forgot to tell you Bob had his first Vet appt. He was So not happy! He had ear Mites and a yeast infection in his ears:( Poor dude! He goes back this week for the yeast infection and more shots. They think he is between 1 and 2 years old. He sure is little to be that old:) Anyway it took him more than a week before he would come into studio. I will put him in carrier outside this time:)
Have an awesome week!!!!


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