June 7, 2013

Wow this is my 200th post:)

Also I have been open for business 3 years as of the first:) And I have to say this is the best year so far!! Let's party:)

Ok back to the real world... the family arrived safely on wed. They all drove together... hubby, SIL, MIL, FIL, and the cat:) They said it was a pretty good trip esp since they were hauling 2 87 year olds with problems.
SIL left today so now we are on duty:) SIL did almost everything for them but I don't:) They need to feel like they still can do things for themselves... it makes them feel better and gets them moving around:)They don't even have the energy to go to Walmart:) Yea for that but I have already been twice... I just run in and get what is on the list and head right back out... am going again tomorrow.

MIL finished her antibiotics for a UTI and now is also added diabetic meds...they really make her tired and droopy so we are changing to taking them just at night. She was so much better today... I had a complete conversation with her:) YEA!!!! Her 87 Bday is Friday so I keep getting her to eat and move more so she gets strong enough to go:) I know bribery... hey it worked with the kids:)

I did get a bunch done before they came and everything I have now is no hurry so I don't feel any pressure to get on them right away but I know I will hear them calling me in about a week:)

Ok so enough about me:) Here are the pics you have been waiting for:

Ok this a Trike bra... I know I never heard of that before either:)
You can see that I had to take them apart...

And then recover the logo. This meant new vinyl and I put 2 layers of Easy felt in between. You could feel the old logo through just the vinyl. One with old logo and one finished with the new parts:)

Here they are all finished with the names emb on them:) Success!!!!
I had never done anything on vinyl before but was really surprised how easy it was:)
I just SO LOVE this quilt!!! It is a 1930's quilt kit. It came with everything stamped... the white had the quilting lines and the flower placement marked. Even the fabric pieces were stamped.

The quilting was pretty much a no brainer as I just followed the marks... I did use rulers to stay accurate:)

Shirley will do the scalloped binding with the pink from the kit:)

Wish I could find one to finish:) Needless to say I told her it could stay here as long as she needed:) She came the next morning:) ha ha!!!

A baby quilt the gals made. Dot and Elaine are in the group.

Love gingham!

Another one:) Others in the group sewed it together and I got to quilt it with loops:)

Lucky gals that are getting these:)

Pat and I got the Texas flag almost finished for Cathy. We will be at her farm at the end of the month so all that's left to do is the binding and Pat is doing that:)

Finally had to order the backing online... love it!!!!

Here is what I put together last weekend:) I bough the fabric in Giddings when our Bee went on the road trip:) I finally got it all together:)

Winner winner chicken dinner:) I won this from the Flower Favorites Blog hop.

Just gorgeous! Thank you Benartex!
Have a terrific week!!!!


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