Oct 5, 2014

Yes it is October... nice cool temperatures and all the windows open for a few days!!!! Of course the ragweed and cedar are flying in but so is the fresh air!!! I love this time of year:)

Well I have big news!!!! I quit taking care of the in laws:)  SIL was suppose to be here on Tuesday to relieve me but never called or anything that she would not be here. So I quit on the spot! Hubby had to take his last vacation days to care for MIL. Then the SIL even stayed away a few extra days? Yes her partner was ill but she didn't have the decency to give us a call???? I never really got along with her so no surprise!!! Hubby said I lasted longer than he thought I would:) ha ha!!!! She is to stay 6 weeks and then I guess THEY all have a decision to make.

I did get some quilting done:)
This is Gayle's Texas Panel quilt. Love the way she cut all the squares apart and then sewed them with a sashing.

Here is the backing. You can really see my quilting:)

A nice closeup of the front.

This is also Gayle's.

Had such a great time quilting this one.

The back is even prettier:)

Dolly's daughter made this polar bear quilt.

Had fun quilting all the bears in the squares and border:) They have such personality!

Her Christmas light bulb backing... too cute!!!!
Am still working on the project with all the 1 1/2 in squares. Sewed 4 rows together so far... only 36 more:) ha ha!!! Why do we do this to ourselves????
Enjoy your week... have appointments and of course quilting to do!!!!


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