Oct 12, 2014

Well summer came and went again:) ha ha!!! Got in the 90's and then a lovely cold front came through Friday night... dropped the temps to the 50's in the morning and only 70's in the afternoon... of course we all know that will change again! We also got 2+ inches of rain... the nice slow all day kind:)

I have been quilting and quilting all week:)

First up is my project.... these are 1 in finished squares

Yes it will be a sunflower.... one day:)

This is Dolly's Star.

I did a lot of ruler work.. used Angela Walters Dot to Dot method. Worked very well!

Here is the back where you can the work better.
This is Carolla's Dresden Plate table runner.
I love Dresden plates!

Love the backing fabric! Something about red with black is so elegant!

This is also Carolla's.

I used lilac thread and Curlz and Feathers pantograph.

Turned out really nice!

Also Carolla's. I think it is the Plus sign pattern?

I used a cream colored thread and Featheration pantograph.

Looks great either side!

A new customer Lynda brought me this one.

It is for her 3 year old grand daughter.

I think her favorite color is purple:)

Monica and Carolla brought me this for a raffle for the local animal shelter.

Hope they get lots of $!

Miss Peyton turned 4 this past weekend and wanted a big 4 on her shirt. Of course Auntie Lou had to make it for her:)
I have more to quilt!!! And even have a bit of embroidery to do:)
At least I have job security for the rest of the year:)
With less stress I am doing SO much better!!!
Have an awesome week!!!!


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