October 25, 2014

Hello everyone!!!!

Hubby and I went to an awesome Christian concert last night! Sidewalk Prophets, Mandisa, and Casting Crowns. Wow feel SO blessed!!!

Am getting more excited about Houston!!!!! Starting to get some things together... you know there will be something you forget... always happens! I see that Market is going well on Facebook and on blogs:)  I will be there most of the week so don't think I will be posting next weekend:) Well maybe......

Ok I don't have that many quilts to show but one did take about 6 days to quilt:) I learned SO much!!!! So of course there will be lots of pictures of that one:)

Ok this is Mandy's Labyrinth quilt.

All done in batiks:)

She showed me a picture of what she liked and I got most of it....

There was some curved crosshatching in the borders...

But for some reason I couldn't figure that out... hence the 2 hours of quilting and 4 1/2 of frogging... rippit rippit!

Mandy always challenges me and I always dread it:) But I always learn a few things!

Yo have to embrace the people that make you go out of your comfort zone!

Mandy I embrace you:) ha ha!!!!

There are pebbles, squares, swirls,  and other fillers through out.

I know sometimes they are hard to see since I was fortunate enough to find the perfect thread colors:)

Lots of ruler work!

Little free motion:)

But absolutely stunning!!!!! Yes I am patting myself on the back:)

She also had this sweet Christmas Tree to swirl and snowflake all over.

She will be putting little lights on it.

The backing... yes that is a stray thread:) can't wait to see it all finished!

I even got 4 more rows on the sunflower:) yea!!!!!
Really looks cool in the picture!
Well everyone enjoy the week and if you are the show have fun!!!! I will try and leave you a few things to buy:) ha ha!!!


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