June 21, 2015

Happy Father's day:) Hee hee I don't think I have any men readers:)

Hubby just left to spend the day with his mom and go visit his dad. I am putzing in the studio:) My favorite place!

I got quite a bit done this week but had to take a day off to get some retail therapy and of course visit with my Bee:)

We have had enough rain!!! Wed very early we got 3 1/2 in and then Thurs we got 2 1/4 in about 30 min. Yes both times the studio was washed a bit:( Hubby is picking up some of that as seen on tv spray stuff... hopefully that will fix it. Of course we have to wait until everything dries out again. We have a chance for scattered showers most of the week.

Ok onto pictures:
Forgot to post what all I bought on the trip:) A wide variety!

Marlene needed this baby quilt rather quickly so I got it done and shipped out to CA this week:)

She called to tell me how much she loved it:)

I just followed the panel and then loops in the border. Real sweet!

Dot made this Christmas one already:) Guess you can never be too early:)

I did whole feathers in a variegated Christmas thread in the colored squares area and half feathers in the border.

Really turned out nice!

Dot also loves 30's fabrics and made this one for no reason:) ha ha!!! Don't we all have quilts we've made for no reason except we loved them?

I played with this one.

Turned out really sweet! Told her to hang on to it for Great Grands:)

Carola made another football quilt for Germany. Her brother is starting a real football team there.

She left me lots of negative space to make swirls:)

Ships to Germany this week.

Megan made this adorable panel quilt months ago and finally got it together for me:)

Love the panels! Really modern!

I just followed the panels mostly:)


Ok made the second row for the hexie quilt I am making. I know looks strange but the long one's ends are suppose to be cut in half:( Am waiting until I get the row that will be between these two done before I decide dhow to make it. May just fill it in instead of having a straight edge? I know I am changing design in the middle :) ha ha!!! Not unusual for me!

Made this for Pat for her birthday on the 2nd but finally got it to her so I could post the picture:) She is a BIG... did I say HUGE... okay ENORMOUS fan of Giraffes:) Found the pattern on Etsy:) Isn't that an awesome place?

I am finishing an embroidery project hopefully this week... a new pattern by Kathy Schmitz:) Hope you can wait!

Have an awesome week!!! I have a Bday Tuesday and will be 27.... ok 27 twice:) ha! Feel older lots of days!!!!


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