June 14, 2015

Did ya miss me last week? Had an awesome time on my trip to TN.
WARNING: Heavily loaded with pictures.....

My daughter Kayla and I left Monday morning at 7:30 and drove until about Nashville. It is nice to be able to drive 1 1/2 - 2 hours and then take a break:) We of coursed gabbed all the way:) We saw a lot of rivers close to the bottom of bridges and some were very fast moving in the Dallas area. Joan said we were taking the scenic route... well after hours of trees it became very boring:) Also tiring. Spent the night and then headed out early on Tuesday. Went through our destination of Knoxville because Kayla found a Titanic museum in Pigeon Forge. Well of course we had to go!!!! It is one of 2... the other is in Branson. Was VERY interesting! Was not allowed to take any pics inside but could outside. They had one area that had a real chunk of ice and water at 20 degrees so you could actually feel what they felt. All those poor people!
 Then we headed to Joan's house in Knoxville. Daughter left the next morning to Ohio to her home with my... sniff... car:) She is now the proud owner of my Madeline.

I stayed with Joan until the 9th. We went to a few quilt shops, a winery, the Smokey mountains, Gatlinburg, and  Chattanooga. Lots of pictures to follow:)

This is the Titanic Museum

My beautiful daughter Kayla!

Watch out it is going to run me over:)

Appalachian Museum

This little gal was hand carved. Looks like you can plug her in and she sews?

Joan is a teacher so this is appropriate! She has a fracture in her foot so she was moving a little slower but could still climb over the security chain for this picture:)

I am in front of the Loom room... yes I hit my head a few times on the doorway:( ouch!

There were lots of beautiful peacocks all over and this one rustled his feathers and tried to attack me...yes I was scared!

A ski lift without snow? Yup! Took us to a lookout so we could see the Smokey Mountains.
We are in Gatlinburg.

Going up......

Beautiful view!

Of course we had to get the cheezy tourist picture:)

Going down.....

A view on the way down.

We then drove about 2 hours through the Smokeys and saw lots of this. There were also rocks, water and wildlife:)

The World's Fair Sphere in Knoxville.

But best of all except of course spending time with Joan was visiting Spools in Chattanooga.

Her is Maddie and me:) She is a co owner and the president of the Bad Ass Quilter's Society.

The selfie she took and posted on FB. I keep going sqeeeeeeeee in my mind:) ha ha!!!

Joan and I sat on the porch every morning drinking our coffee.
The flight home went okay except for the 4 gate changes in Dallas. The lakes were still pretty full when we flew over them.
Suppose to get rain this week:) Am hoping for some as the ground has big cracks in it again:(
Did get some quilting done this week but will post next week... I think this post is long enough:)


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