Wow Patricia was a strong on!

We got almost 7 inches of rain from the storm:) MUCH needed for sure!!!! The temps have dropped today so it feels like almost winter here in Central Texas:) Remember I said almost:) Will warm up to 80's by the end of the week and maybe more rain:)

Pu my new Bernina on Monday:)

With emb module.

Just as a sewing machine.

Sitting next to my Bernina 165. Nina is about 11 years old so you can really see the difference. Of course she was not the top of the line at that time.

All covered up for the night:)

Had Lunch bunch and Guild on Tuesday so nothing got done:)

Quilted this on Wednesday:

This is Gayle's Mistletoe Lane quilt.

I quilted a snowflake panto all over it.

And it is reversible:)

Played on Bianca Thursday and most of Friday:) ha ha!! Then we headed to Cedar Park to see one of my Favorite Christian bands.... For King and Country and Moriah Peters:) Awesome concert! Had a bag packed just in case the weather came early but we were lucky and drove home with no problems... we are 50 min from Center.

Our view:) Had awesome floor seats!

Almost at Center ice:)
Joel and Luke at Q&A.

Moriah Peters.

Joel and Moriah singing together. They have been married over 2 years now:)

Great shot of Joel and Luke.
The whole For King and Country Band!

Rained all day yesterday so Bianca came out to play a bit more:) I feel like I have the basics down pretty well so far:) Have classes in January since I don't want to go nights!

I have been spending WAY TOO much time on FB and Instagram. I love seeing all the Market posts! Man are there some beautiful collections out there!!!! I have put a few on my wishlist already:)

Home most of next week so will quilt, quilt, and quilt:)

Finished my last seasons stitchery:)

This is usually what I see when I am doing handwork:) That is my KoKo!!!

Ya'll enjoy the week and I hope I have tons of quilted pics to show you!!!!


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