Sad week here:(

Well we lost a fur baby this week:( MisKiti was 4 years old and came to us on her own with babies inside her little oven. She had her babies and we kept her and 2 of them:) Jax and Gemma. She hasn't been herself for almost a month... not eating like she used to, so tried all different foods whenever she wanted something to eat and she still lost weight. She started sleeping and staying away more and more so took her in on Tuesday. They did all the blood work and Xrays. Blood work was all good but the Xray showed an obstruction in her intestines. So exploratory surgery was needed.... they found a big cancer tumor, her intestines were ripped and it was also pressing on her stomach. We had the choice to save her and of course then chemo but would that really be a good life for her and then they were only giving her a year or let her go and be free of pain?  So I let her go:( Hard but right decision. So that was a horrible terrible Tuesday!!!! She is greatly missed!!!!

Monday was a great class with Bianca... learned a bunch  and now know what I was doing wrong with my embroidery:) Also bought a great absolutely awesome sewing chair. It is by Koala and a big splurge that I am So enjoying... oh and so is Bob!

Went to an awesome shop in downtown Austin called stitch Lab and of course bought these....

Not a lot of quilting got done but enough to finish Marlene's quilt and 3 Project Linus quilts:) I also started Karen's.... hope to get it finished this week:) I will be home more then out so that will be helpful!

Ok now for pictures....

These 3 were Project Linus quilts... had to take pictures as they were really cute!

Marlene's Churn Dash Wedding quilt.

Love the Black, White and pop of red!!! I did a lot of swirls and loops:)

Looks like western handkerchiefs. Will get shipped out tomorrow to CA:)

My Tula Petals top is all done:) yea!!!!! Now to get it in line to be quilted:)

My first 2 Sweet Tooth BOM's. Had to get them done as the next set is in the mail already:)

Remember this cute fabric from above? Well I bought it to make ME a pillowcase:) Love how it turned out and they weren't too noisy when I slept on them:)

Cleaned out... I mean gave away quilts that need more love then I can give them:) Hubby took this one to my MIL:) She loved it and it fits on her bed so nicely!!!!

This quilt is called Catnado from Quilt Con. I just love love it!!!! Wonder if it's because of the cats????

Other bad news is that our trip to Niagara Falls has been rescheduled for next year hopefully:( The cost of MisKiti's care took a big chunk out of our trip savings... and daughter is taking summer classes so probably won't be available:( So we are thinking we better just stay home and take a few day trips. We are both ok about it:)

Well I am pretty sure this week will be a better week:)
Hope you have a fantastic week!!!


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