Last Sunday in February.....

Hi all,

What gorgeous weather we are having the last few days... well after 1.5 inches of rain and the cold front that came through:) It is getting closer to Spring and Mother Nature is teasing us every week:)

I finally caught Baby and took her to Emancipet... a low cost spay and Neuter clinic in Killeen. She was 2 weeks pregnant but is now all spade and running around again:) I kept her in a large carrier over night and part of the following day after surgery. She was ready to go out for sure!!! I opened the carrier and then went inside and had closed the screen door.... well she climbed right up it.... so I opened the door and out she went:)  She has ventured back in to play with Bob. Now I thought Bob wouldn't have any problems with Baby being in the studio.... wrong!!! He was So not happy!!!  Guess she can visit but not move in:) Too funny!!!

I was busy quilting this week so let's get to the pictures!

Karen from Maine made this lovely:)

I quilted lots and lots of feathers all over:)

Love the center medallion! Big feathers in the corners:)

The back. She wanted to me attach the binding but she will do the hand sewing:)

Joyce brought in Nick's Harley T shirt quilt:)

What awesome shirts!!! The memories he has!!!
One of my favs as there are cat heads in the O's... clever!

Love the skull shirt also!!! I custom quilted it and made certain features of each shirt pop out:) The flames I just free hand outlined.

Love the backing!!!! He was hugging it and wouldn't let Joyce hold it:) Too funny!!!!
Thank you for letting me quilt it:) She is a blog follower:)

Sent daughter a pattern I saw with BB8 on it... of course she wanted it:) Why??? Do I do this???? Oh why yes I love her:) LOL!

Got March and April Berties done just in the nick of time!!!!
March is already hanging..... With Easter coming early April will be up right after St Patty's Day.
have the last 4 all traced out and ready to fuse down and start stitching:)

The Guild is having a Make Your Own Round Robin quilt and this is mine so far:) 
You pick the center block and then we make/add borders that are told to us every 2 months. And yes girls I already have the next borders on already:) I am helping:)

Home again most of this week so lots more quilting will be done:)
Have a terrific week!!!! See ya in March:)


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