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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Whooooo! I survived Houston:)

As you can tell I made it back from Houston with goodies and even money:) haha!!! The quilts were absolutely magnificent!!!! A lot of the makers were standing close to got to talk with quite  a few of them:)

I did get the one quilt done before I left:)

This is grand daughters pillow:)

And her chicken w babies:)

Shaleem made this stunning quilt.

And it turned out beautiful if I do say so myself!!!

A little ruler work and lots of free motion:)

Even the back looks pretty cool!!!

What I bought in Houston.. hand dyed fabrics from a Stitch to Dye out of Austin, the cats are Japanese fabrics, Auriful threads, a Grunge pack, and a wool cat kit.

2 packs of wool, panto, blue marker and remover, circles template for Dazi, Cat kit and glue, and a hanging of the month done in wool.

Has been raining on and off while we were gone and it continues:)

Back to work tomorrow!!!!
Hope you all arrived safely back home or looked at all the pics on FB!!!
Have an awesome week!!!

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