We all have our anchors out so we don't blow away today!!!!

Yes it is windy in Central Texas!!! 20-30 mph with gusts up to 40. But thankfully not cold or raining:) We actually have the sun shining:) Not so over last weekend where we got a bunch of rain... gauge has been murdered by the cats:).... and some got into the studio:( So I was delayed quilting on Monday as the fans make too much noise and it was cold in there!!! I did get restarted that afternoon and worked all day Tuesday so I could deliver it while also attending Guild Mtg:)

Took a few days to get back in the groove but have another one half way finished:)

The grand kids came over yesterday and totally wore us out!!! Today is a recuperation day for sure!!!

Have been working hard on :Lucy Boston Crosses... my goal is to finish that one before I can start my Millifore.... must sate goals publicly so you guys keep me accountable:) yea for you:)

Not been doing much machine sewing though:( Will get back to it soon I hope:) I have an almost finished top on the design wall but decided I needed one more row to make it wider and that was where I stopped:( So a true UFO that stares at me everyday:( I know I will get to it soon !!!

Okay enough rambling... I do have a few pictures:)

This is Erlene's quilt:)

Turned out beautifully even with all the thread changes I imposed on myself:)

I just followed the fabric pattern in the big border:)

Here on the back you can see all my work:)

Yet another Lucy Boston Cross block:)

Just finished this one today:)  Have been also basting all the little 1 in squares that will hook them all together:) All scraps so far:)

My February Wool BOM is all done also:) Now just to wait until the first so I can hang it up:)

Hope you all have a wonderful week!!!


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