Welcome May!

Hello all:)
A somewhat uneventful week. MIL went back in hospital with high bp. They have taken her off 1/2 of her prescriptions so hopefully that will help. Then last night she fell. Doing ok except her knee and hip hurt a bit.
I was sick with allergies most of the week:( Cottonwood. Did get some quilting done but mostly hide from the floating sorcery!
So here is what I did get done:)

Marylyn made this Bible quilt using the Turning Twenty around the block and her leftover fabrics form her snowman quilt.

Love the blocks all done with machine embroidery.

The muted blues are so nice!

Here is the backing...

This is also Marylyn's:) Pattern is called Log Cabin Cross.
Love the color choices!

Just outlined and then straight line rays.

3 more alphabet blocks made:)

another row of Lucy Boston Crosses done with the 1 inch squares:) Coming along nicely!

I have another quilt almost finished but will post it next week.
Lunch bunch next week:)
Also have workers replacing my back door and fixing the boards on the studio... they didn't get it all done last week so hopefully by Tuesday:) They need to pour the concrete for the drainage problem... SO hope it works!!!
Have a great week!


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